Senior Portraits

Senior Portrait Photographer Sycamore, Illinois

Senior year only happens once, don’t skip out on the memory! Seniors portraits deserve their own experience + chapter in your story. Senior portraits can be taken in the urban backdrops of Geneva, Saint Charles, downtown Sycamore, or the natural landscapes of Sycamore and Larson parks or LeRoy Oaks in Saint Charles. Your senior story unfolds however you choose to tell it.

The most important piece in the story is YOU!  We’re celebrating you + your ending to your high school story.  For most of us, senior portraits will be the last formal pictures taken until your wedding day!

Capture this last chapter of high school with senior portraits you can look back on and remember just how you were in that moment – in that time.

Make a special day to play, get dressed up {or dressed down}, showcase your hobbies, sports, or art, and have this once-in-a-life moment capture FOREVER!

Find the SMP Senior Portrait Collection that fits your story best.

5 Reasons You Need To Tell Your Senior Story