Grab Your College Visit Checklist

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Take a college visit road trip?

Pack this quick checklist to rank your visits. This college checklist gives you a fast way to rate each college campus so you can relax and have fun finding your new home-away-from-home.

If you have a parent tagging along, have them fill it out too.  18-year-olds see college through wayyyy different eyes than your 40’s or 50’s parent. Once you’re home or on the road to the next campus compare notes.  My daughter and I saw things different, and it gave us both ideas to think about when it was time to fill out the applications.

You’re a senior {or maybe a junior} and you have A LOT happening.  This easy checklist helps you rate your visits quickly and keep a tally of your top choices.

Did you catch the 5 tips for College Visit Blog Post?

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Cheers to your college visits!