Session Tips

:: Tips to ROCK your Senior Session ::

Plan your outfits at least a week before your session ::

Bring 1-2 more outfits above what you’re planning, better to have extra than not enough. ?Bring them on hangers +?Be sure they are pressed {wrinkles can’t be photoshopped}.??Include different styles {casual, semi-formal, formal} ??My Pinterest boards are updated often for ideas. ? Bring accessories for all outfits, from footwear to jewelry to hair accents. ? A full-body shot might?be your fav so be sure your shoes sparkle too.

Don’t bring outfits with words, designs or pictures ::

High school or college shirts are okay {shows your past chapter and the next one to come}. ??Think about color:?solid colors and small prints look best. ?Wear colors that compliment your complexion. ?Bright colors can add a POP to images.? Good?Spring & Summer colors: light blues, greens, pinks, magenta, dark peach. ?Fall colors: reds, golds, deep orange, emerald green are compliments to the season. ?Use clothing to accentuate your best features:?High neck tops look best on people with long necks. ?Soften sharp chins or narrow faces with rounded-neck tops. ?Wide belts work?best with long torsos while thin belts look best on short waists.

Jewelry + Makeup ::

Classic jewelry pieces are best. ?It can be tempting to go ??glam? with?your photos, but remember to look like YOU. ?The night before your portraits?use a face cleanser?{such as St. Ives apricot facial scrub} and liberally apply moisturizer before bed. ?The day of your session, do not apply foundation with SPF on your face {SPF gives a sheen to your images}. ?Apply make-up as normal, just a TOUCH heavier. Be sure to BLEND along the lines of your face. ?Bring your makeup with you {especially powder to?touch?up shiny spots}. ?Avoid glitter or sparkly anything (powder, eyeshadow, blush) ? it tends to reflect and leave spots.

Hair Style ::

Go with practiced hair styles. ?It’s a good idea to work with your preferred?hairstyles a few days before your portraits?to get the perfect look. ?Get a haircut at least a week in advance to give your hair a chance to look natural. Please do not make a drastic change in color or cut before your portraits.

Guys need a fresh shave ::

A fresh shave is recommended, and mustaches or beards should be neatly trimmed.

Blemishes + Self-Tanners

Don?t stress?about a minor blemish or bruise. We take the “love it ~ hate it ~ doesn’t matter” approach. ?Don?t overdo the tanned look – It can look unnatural in photographs. ?Having color & not the winter-white look is a shade?most of us want to avoid here in the Midwest, but careful not to overdo it.

Glasses + Glare ::

If you wear glasses either buy or borrow a pair of suitable frames without lenses to prevent glare and reflections from the glass. ?Some glasses have anti-glare coating which help, but they too can give off flares in certain types of locations/poses.

Presentable Hands ::

Like shoes, hands will?show in some of your poses, so be sure to make them?pretty. ?Paint a clear coat if you don’t like polish. If wearing a color be sure the painted manicure have are no chips, it gets very distracting when hands are in the photos, especially in close-ups. ?Guys should trim their nails.

Practice Facial Expressions + Personalize ::

Before the session, practice your facial expressions in front of a mirror. ?Try various smiles, serious but relaxed looks + animated expressions for movement?shots. ?Look through magazines for?poses that you like + feel comfortable.?By the time of your session you want to feel natural in your expressions + poses. ?At our session, I’ll direct poses, but you also know what feels natural to you.?Bring your favorite props to the session, it’s all part of the experience…Balloons, books, musical instruments, special flowers, or hobby items. ?There have been?high schoolers with their classic car or fav motorcycle…their fav books, painting and kindergarten photo. ?Filling out the SMP Senior Questionnaire?helps get a good idea of what you’ll be bringing + style that brings out your SPARKLE!

Bring a Friend, Mom, Sibling ::

Bring your bff or relative that?helps relax you and take a natural picture. ?They are also helpful with clothing changes + ?double check? while you?re being photographed. ?Their job as?”Reflector Girl” {or Boy} is an important one.

Only do the Session?if You?re Feeling Your Best ::

When your session?day comes, if you?re not feeling your best due to a bad cold or flu, we need to?reschedule?your photo session. ?It’s?important to look and feel your best and we will set up a follow-up time when the SMP schedule allows.

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