Senior Shine…How we curate your kinda sparkle! As a senior photographer, I get a lot of questions about preparing for a senior session. I’ve created my Senior Shine Magazine + other client pieces to help make your session easy + FUN! We want to capture a senior experience that you remember for years!

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Find the answers in my SENIOR SHINE MAGAZINE!

I offer three senior collections to make it easy + fit a range of budgets::

My collections include a product credit, that makes it easy to get your images off the computer and onto your walls. And you can see in my SMP products post, I can help you with as much or as little as you want with your graduation announcements, along with metal art + gift quality prints.

The Senior Shine Magazine guides you through the process. Maybe I’ll change it to my SMP Guide instead of magazine. What-a think, Magazine or Guide?🧐 Ok, semantics I know. But it’s in the details too and I look at EVERYTHING down to the tiniest details to tell your senior story.

The SMP Guide also answers questions like, “What happens if it rains?” and “How long does it take to get my photos back?”… Once you reserve your senior session you’ll also receive my in-depth guide to choosing your outfits, and how we plan creatively + ideas that tell your unique story. I mean in-depth! 51-pages of image ideas, tips, plans, and all the ways we can curate your senior chapter.

Once you reserve your senior session we start curating your story!

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💖Your Personal Senior Chapter Author

P.S. Are you on the SMP Sparkle Note list? Lots of perks, iPhone tips, priority Fall booking dates, (those go quickly!), Grad party planning, dorm tips + college ideas.  I know you get plenty of emails already, so don’t worry, my emails only come once a month!


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