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Your Senior Experience is About You! | Geneva IL Senior Photographer

This is your senior experience – your story to remember!

When I first sit down with a senior and their parent(s), we always talk about their passions. Why? Because I believe a senior portrait session should tell the chapter she/he is in right now.

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This is your moment. Yes, sometimes my seniors do photos for their parents or loved ones, but it’s really celebrating the accomplishments of the graduate. What do you want to remember looking back at high school? You’re the author, so you get to tell it any way you {and maybe Mom} want to remember it.

Let’s take Isabel, for example. When I met with her and her mom, we talked about the things she wanted to include in her session. She loves softball, so we wanted to incorporate her uniform and a softball field, and she wanted to include a casual outfit as well.

Then the INSPIRATION hit!

I found out that Isabel loves to ride horses, and is lucky enough to have her grandparents live nearby, where they care for her beloved horse, Flash.

Our plan was set into motion! We decided to meet at her grandparents, and we discovered that our choices for backdrops were beyond perfect for her story. We walked around the property, and Isabel pointed out places on the property where she had played as a little girl {JACKPOT MEMORY!}

So let’s sit and talk awhile. Actually let’s sit and you talk, I’ll listen. What your story unfolds to be may come out all at once in our consult, or in little pieces as we walk your property.

Have no idea what you want to curate in your SMP senior experience?

That’s just fine too!

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I’ve been photographing senior stories long enough to guide + present different ideas so we can narrow down your story. We can put a plan together for FUN + capturing forever memories.

If I hadn’t learned these important passions and ideas that Isabel had, we would have surely missed out on the amazing opportunity to capture the senior photos of her dreams.

Not only was it extra meaningful for her to have these things included, it added a special memory to her mom and grandparents, as well.

No matter what ideas you have in mind, there is a SMP Senior Girl Collection to fit your story.

Let’s chat about your senior session ideas!

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đŸ’–Andrea | Your Senior Storyteller

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P.S. Hey there, one more thing before ya go, ok, maybe 3…

I’m more than just a Senior + Headshot Photographer.

  • I was a senior {true, it’s been awhile}
  • I’ve photographed seniors for yeeears
  • I’ve graduated my own Senior in 2020

I know a thing or 3 because I’ve been through a thing or 4. What I’m writing to say is you’ll want to stay in-the-know with all the other things I offer {free} to my Sparkle Note Friends. {only goes out once-a-month}

  • High school tips
  • College grad party ideas
  • iPhone photography tips
  • MUST HAVE College packing list
  • and SO MUCH MORE


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