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Set Micro Goals You’ll Stick Too

A Year Is A Long Time!

Each year we grow + change and THIS YEAR I’m looking at micro goals to stretch my business + health to December.

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Do you set goals every January?

Me too.

When July rolls around are you still on track?

Me either.

“New Year Goals” was a phrase I started to loath, well besides the negative temperatures of January in the Midwest. I hate feeling like a failure in anything, so it was easier to give up on goal-setting. Only I didn’t feel good about doing that either.

So it was back to the books {podcast, mastermind groups, that internet thing, + a book}.

This year I have a new plan! I’m borrowing pieces from a mastermind group, one book, a podcast, and an Australian comedian and making my goals fit my life.

I’m putting this on the blog as an action step to myself, but more importantly to motivate you to set your own micro-goals that fit YOUR LIFE.

Accountability is always a good motivator, so if you need someone, just let me know! We can keep each other accountable.

I’m sharing my plan with you as a framework for your goals. Or use it exactly the way it is if that fits you. #youdoyou. Let’s make things easier, not harder.

\ Set Micro Goals

I’m setting micro-goals instead of two or three big goals.

Set one goal for January, February, and March, or longer by focusing for 6 months. Put your focus for that timeframe on THAT GOAL.

Give yourself a chance to pivot when things change throughout the year. It’s not a failure to reposition our goals, or to add to them. Don’t focus so hard on one life-long dream, you don’t want to miss all the tiny shiny stuff along the way.

\ What is my WHY

Put meaning behind these micro goals and give them power.

When something, or someone, is more meaningful we’re more apt to stick with or go after something. I sat alone and asked myself, “WHAT REALLY MATTERS?” or, “Why am I really setting this goal?” I wrote down everything that popped into my head for the next 30-minutes.

\ What are THREE ACTIONS I’ll take towards my goal

After your “why ideas” are down on paper, pick your top three and create two-three action steps for each goal…

I made mine concrete steps and carved out time for working on that goal. What space do you need to be successful?

\ Make space for your actions

Plan out your behavior {when & where} and give it a time & place to live in the real world. How will you be intentional in achieving your goal?

Are you good at setting a deadline? Then grab your calendar & set a date that you have to achieve those goals.


How will you celebrate when you achieve that goal {this gives us something to look forward to + celebrate when we achieve our goal}

Here is an example of one of my goals for the next 6-months::

Goal #1:: Stick to my business hours

My Actions::

  1. Check my work email at 8am and again at 4:30pm. THAT’S IT!
  2. Shut down my work email at 5pm so I don’t get notifications and tempted to open.
  3. When returning emails during business hours add friendly reminder of when my business hours take place so clients know I’m not ignoring them {just enjoying my family time}.

Celebrate:: Each month I succeed, it’s a chocolatey dessert at ACK!

Now it’s your turn…What are you going to focus on?

goals-setting, photography-business

Cheers & Sparkles to your Success!

đŸ’–Andrea | Shining Moments Photography


Modern High School Senior Portraits + Headshot Photographer serving Dekalb County and Kane County


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