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Have you ever walked into a crowded room and felt out-of-place?

Ever been sitting in a group and have nothing to contribute to the conversation?

Do you feel out-of-place with your own kids sometimes?

It’s kinda hard to stand alone, or not have much in common with someone. But it can turn into something pretty darn cool when you change your perspective!

We celebrated our oldest’s Sweet 16 this week and I sat down to write her another milestone letter. Every year I make a pretty big deal about my kid’s BIRTHday’s because they were…a really big deal ;). And we all know 16 is one of those big milestones with getting their driver’s license. I decided to make her a driving scavenger hunt this year {it was on my InstaStories this week if you follow along}. No car keys at the end of it, which brings me back to my questions that opened this post. She hasn’t been excited about driving, it’s been more of a requirement for her than a treat. I couldn’t wait to get my license, so this has been strange to wrap my head around.? My Dad told me just before she was born, “It’s not about you anymore, it’s going to be about her.” That’s stuck with me for the last 16 years watching her grow. I wanted my license A-SAP, but it hasn’t been a priority for her.

I’d kinda like her to drive and have that freedom, but she’s not ready.

I’d love to go out shopping with her for a cute new outfit and shoes, but she’d rather read a book, dance or go to the latest movie.

I like to go watch sports, but she has no interest AT ALL!

She’s comfortable with who she is in her yoga pants and play t-shirts. She is gitty over the release of the newest broadway play or Marvel movie.

photographer-teens, geneva-il, photographer-geneva-illinois, sweet-16, birthday, celebrations

When I’ve “walked” into her world I’ve felt out-of-place most times. Year’s back I was sad that we didn’t share everything in common or that she didn’t share in my passions. But with my Beautiful Girl I was given what I NEEDED. Because of her I’ve learned so much about music, the theater, books, film, and to be a better speller {LOL, I’m the teacher and I always ask her how to spell}. I’m feeling out-of-place in her world less & less. She is my go-to for character questions, music, or movie trivia 😉

Just one little thing that needs to change…

Lets talk about changing this “NO PHOTOS” policy during her plays shall we?!?How’s a Mama suppose to fill her high school Memory Album or add to her collection in her Memory Box?

She may not be able to dribble a basketball, but when you hear her singing it can bring goosebumps up your arm.

I can’t memorize one line for a play, but I can hold my own in a game.

Next time you’re with family or friends, notice how they shine, especially if it’s different than you!

And then, don’t be shy to also?Show the World Your Kind of Beautiful!

Shine on & Shine Bright

photographer-teens, geneva-il, photographer-geneva-illinois, sweet-16, birthday, celebrationsphotographer-teens, geneva-il, photographer-geneva-illinois, sweet-16, birthday, celebrations



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