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Small Business Books | August Book Club

Since most of us are prepping for back-to-school + back-to-campus it seems like a good month to share some of my favorite business books.

And one is an all-around ‘figureoutable‘ good book.

It’s August + time for the next SMP book club ideas!

August starts the month of thinking about hanging up our swimsuits for the season and engaging our brains on a full-time basis again. I’m losing my Summer tan just thinking about it! However, there’s still a week or two to grab a book and sit by the pool and ward-off the Illinois-past-ie-white skin that gets us every long winter.

This month I offer you four good business books I’ve read over my years running a small business.

If you are ready to engage your brain this week + gain some business knowledge these are perfect for you right now.

Three of them on this list might have more post-its in them than pages. I’m doing my part to keep the 3M post-it-note business alive.

Before I dive into the books, I’m curious…

Do you dog-ear your pages, write in your business books, or post-it note the really good gems?

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I’m guilty of using post-it notes in my books. Sometimes I like to jot down a word on the note so it triggers my memory when I go back later. Those words are also my fail-safe when I get heavy-sticking on all the pages.

Remember Alexis in Schitt’s Creek highlighting every word on the pages of her textbook? That’s me with post-it notes.

Okay…Let’s tell you about these small business books so you can highlight your day by the pool!

4 Small Business Books Worth The Read::


The post-it notes are strong in this one. A book for your business and general life advice. She has a flair for writing with charm, and at the same time showing what excuses we use to cover up our fear. Starting the book out with her Tropicana orange lesson sets the stage for great reading!

I love her story-telling flair!

2/ BUILDING A STORY BRAND by Donald Miller

How could I not pick this one up? If you’re introducing something new or making a big launch, YOU NEED THIS BOOK! Donald Miller breaks down the pieces of why we’re drawn into the movies we love, can’t stop reading a book, and follow our favorite YouTubers + Instagrammers… It’s all about THAT STORY!

3/ YOU ARE A BADASS by Jen Sincero

We are who we are and you CAN make that work for you in your business. Here is another book with funny anecdotes, slap-in-the-face advice, and questions to ask + answer for yourself. And some good quote reminders…

“You are responsible for what you say and do. You are not responsible for whether or not people freak out about it.”

4/ SHE MEANS BUSINESS by Carrie Green

“Make a decision to be curious.”

I’ve had the opposite of this problem with being too curious when it comes to a profession. And if this is your first time with me on the blog or any of my social media, I’m on my third career. Life has so much to offer + I’m learning my way through it one curious moment at a time.

There are a lot of great business books to help small business owners. Pick up your favorite to re-read, grab one of these good ones, or share your favorite with me.

As a small business owner it’s important to support other small businesses, and today that can be through an independent book store near you.

book stores to grab your books::

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P.S. When you’re looking for more book suggestions click on any of the past months for ideas…

P.P.S If you’re looking to update your headshots or plan a complete business image branding portfolio for your small business reserve your session early.

Headshots in the studio are happening all-year round.

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