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As the class of 2017 gets ready to say goodbye to their high school chapter and head out on a whole new adventure, I thought it was time I started a new adventure too.? I’ve had a blog for years and have great helpful content for those that peek in, but I’ve been looking for a topic that I can start + revisit consistently in my posts…until now! Thanks to the Free People, and Madisyn’s blog series, “3 Things For You”, I have found a?personal project that I am loving + hope you will look forward to reading every?month and maybe even chime in from time to time.

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It’s the simple colors + design that are intriguing and giving me a reason to discover a new place


In my Senior Photography I not only cater to the High School Senior, but I also?hope to give Mom some peace of mind that we have everything covered for this Senior Milestone and telling that story for her senior. ?These are NOT just images, there is a story there and how it evolves can only be compared if you have the images to look back on and see where they once were…at the end of high school…before they jumped into the next adventure! I love creating these stories because I am a Mom and see how fast time goes the older they get. ?It reminds me to slow down and take a little me time. It doesn’t happen at the same time every week, but once kids came into our?lives, it’s never just about Mom. And we wouldn’t have it any other way. They will be leaving soon enough and then I am sure I’ll have WAY TOO MUCH me time and my hubby will be wanting his time alone 😉

The second reason for finally jumping in and?starting this series is that I have made the mistake of trying to read up?more on current events {honestly, it’s been a nice hiatus}. There is not a lot of positive in the media and I guess, “happy” doesn’t rate much for headlines. However, is it too much to look for a happy story? Something that brings a smile? As every photographer knows, you can’t TELL someone to “Smile,” you have to give them a reason to smile, genuinely smile. So each month that’s my purpose, to put a piece out there with “3 things to?smile about,” how hard can it be right? And heaven knows I don’t have all the answers, or ideas, so I sincerely hope you will join me & chime in with?a happy story or something that brought happiness to you or someone you know.

This month I took a walk on one of our nice sunny days to photograph 3 places that bring a smile. The first is the?Nosh Company, which sits back in a parking lot, like a hidden treasure in Geneva, Illinois. If you’re looking for a new restaurant to try, give this one a go, it’s sure to bring a SMILE 😉 And after breakfast, you’re just a short walk away from the All Chocolate Kitchen, which brings a grin to everyone’s day! ?When you see their OPEN sign waving in the breeze, don’t pass by without trying their coffee, gelato, raspberry-chocolate cake, hot chocolate, fondue…Okay, you’ll have to make more than one visit, but you get the idea. YUM-E!!!

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And the last gem to round out my 3 this month was walking down James Street looking at all the cute small businesses and I came across an alley-way that had a beautiful mosaic on the wall.

Shining-Moments-Photography, oh-the-places-you-will-go, James-street, Geneva-Illinois-Photographer

This art is displayed outside a small jewish shop and the tiles mixed with the words made a perfect way to end my smile day! ?”How wonderful it is that nobody need wait a single moment before starting to improve the world” ? LOVE IT! I hope there is a smile in your day today 🙂

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