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Inspiration Day | High School Senior Photography

Who needs an Inspiration day?

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What is an inspiration day? Good question. With all the noise on social media, or media in general we can get overwhelmed.

  • Learning is good
  • Practicing being a better human – very good
  • Knowing when to turn down outside noise is good too

Let’s reduce the overwhelm and take a personal side adventure.

I’ve written on the SMP blog for years. I offer helpful content for Mom’s, high school seniors, high school life, college life… But learning to quiet the outside world for a few hours is a post that I’ve wanted to write. However, it’s harder to write than I thought.

This is an idea sort-of post. It’s meant to inspire. To bring a smile.

This week I’m writing more like an abstract painting. Just kind of seeing where it leads. Pretty pictures that bring a smile. Happy quotes that renew my faith in humanity. Funny quotes to remind us to LAUGH.

We don’t always have to be in a battle, some kind of outrage. Is there a lot of negative stuff happening “outside”? Sadly, yes. But today, it’s ok okay to forget about it all and remember::

  • the good
  • the HAPPY
  • be inspirational
  • And find the FUNNY

We all can use some positive inspiration right now don’t ya think?

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Pictures give us inspiration + smiles. And I love my job for this very reason.

Creating stories through photographs. I’m a Mom, in case you’re new here. Pictures remind me to slow down and take a little extra time. Enjoy the family time, but take some me time too. Not all my photos are of people though.

I go on photo walks to notice objects that add color to our lives. That Nosh sign is an example of color combo’s I love. Red + pink mixed with black & white. Bright colors feel HAPPY to me.

Do you have feel good colors?

The second reason for taking an inspirational day is all the media noise.

Now don’t jump on me. I’m not saying media is bad. I’m just saying it’s A LOT for me to take sometimes. We’re supposed to be glad for all the media outlets we have available to us nowadays, but now it’s deciphering all of that news. Talking about it with my teens to see how they feel or their opinions. It’s A LOT coming at us all the time!

The other media piece I’m not fond of is that “happy” doesn’t rate much for headlines.


It’s out there. Is it too much to ask for a happy story? Something that brings a smile?

As every photographer knows, you can’t TELL someone to “Smile,” you have to elicit a reason to smile, that genuine smile.

Give a smile + get a smile. How hard can it be right?

I don’t have all the answers, or ideas, so I sincerely hope you’ll join me & chime in with a happy story, quote, meme or something that brought inspiration to you or someone you know.

Food brings a smile, and chocolate food brings me a BIG SMILE. All Chocolate Kitchen, brings a grin to everyone’s day! When you see their OPEN sign waving in the breeze, don’t pass by without trying their coffee, gelato, raspberry-chocolate cake, hot chocolate, fondue…Okay, you’ll have to make more than one visit, but you get the idea. YUM-E!!!

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Stop and find the pretty. It’s out there, waiting to be seen.

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Remember that abstract thought I wrote about up there? These mosaic tiles mixed with the words made a perfect way to inspire my day!

“How wonderful it is that nobody need wait a single moment before starting to improve the world”


Shining-Moments-Photography, SMP, Geneva-IL-Photographers, improve-the-world, be-you, inspiration-day

I try to get the word out each time I have a new blog post.

In case you miss it, you can follow my social pages to find some extra HAPPY + INSPIRATION for you day.

Cheers & Sparkles to your Inspiration Day

đŸ’–Andrea |Aspiring Inspirational Photographer

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