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The SMP online book club is ready for April! No foolin, I have three more books this month, and they are not new releases. They are ones I’ve read multiple times because they are THAT GOOD!

Let’s start this month’s book club with a question…

Do you ever feel like you should laminate a page in a book?

So it might just be me, but there are a few pages in Bread & Wine, by Shauna Niequist that I want to laminate before I ruin them. She writes touching excerpts of her memories + follows each with a recipe, really GOOD RECIPES!

Alright, I’ll get back to that in the synopsis.

For our April books I read + listened to three again. Life is picking up steam again {thank the heavens} and the high school seniors are ready to get back outdoors with their senior pictures. That means this will be the last month of three books-a-month for me until the negative temperatures return. May that not be until next January!

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Lets jump into synopsis-ing so you can pick one, two, or all three, up this month for our online book club.

1/bread & wine, by shauna niequest

How I read:: My well read, well inked paperback that sits on my shelf waiting to be read or baked from.

Synopsis:: Part of Shauna Niequest’s book bio reads, “Shauna is a bookworm, a beach bum, and a passionate gatherer of people, especially around the table.”

Bread & Wine fits that passion. I love this book because she writes her memories in short chapter excerpts and follows them with a recipe relating to that story. We’re working, watching our teens on the soccer field and dance competitions and she writes for that phase of life. I only have 10-minutes in the car waiting to pick up Nick from soccer practice, but I can easily read one of her mom-relateable memories.

She’s a writer who brings you into her story without you realizing it. Her writing makes you feel like you’re there in the moment, or wish you were.

This is my goal every time I bring out my camera at a senior or personal branding session. I want to be as good a visual storyteller as she is a writer of words.

My favorite recipe in the book is her Mom’s blueberry crisp. One of the easiest + yummiest crisps I’ve ever made. 7 ingredients + takes me less than 9-minutes to throw it all together. And it’s gluten-free if you need it to be.

Her book Present Over Perfect is another book that’s great for busy Mom life.

Book number two in our online book club this month…

2/find the good, by heather lende

How I read:: Hardcover book style

Synopsis:: Another reminder to find the good stuff + let go of the negative.

With a lemon of a year in 2020 this was a happy, feel good, book to pull off the shelf.

Heather Lende wrote obituaries for her local newspaper, and she brought a twist to this profession that I would have found very difficult. She weaves her writing of peoples lives after they are gone into stories of appreciation, hope, and living each day better than the last.

Living life looks different for all of us. But the beauty in that is focusing on the joy, even if it’s tiny pieces at the moment.

I’ll leave this synopsis with one of her quotes… “We are all writing our own obituaries in how we live” And we write it one moment, one day, one year, at a time.

3/braving the wilderness, by brenÉ brown

How I read:: Listened on Hoopla

Synopsis:: I have a few of her books and I describe her writing as, tough love with a dash of humility. She provides her research in this book of how it’s never easy to comfort hard conversations. But being who we are and not hiding it is the bravest thing we can do. Even if that means we have to stand alone for awhile.

Brené Brown is the most gifted writer when it comes to compiling her research in a storytelling way that we keep turning page after page to see where she leads us next.

SMP book club, Shining Moments Photography

Have a terrific April my book club Friends!

The days are getting longer + warmer and I’m hoping by next month our online book club will move to reading out on the deck with a sweet tea in hand.

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If you’d like more feel good feels…This post on loving YOU is a reminder of how great YOU ARE.

Are you joining us for the first time this month? AWESOME! I’m really happy you’re here!

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