So There I Was…Headshots Photographer

So there I was, strolling with my red Target cart down the Joanna Gaines aisle and HER ENTIRE laundry room collection fell into my cart!

Well, it didn’t exactly FALL in there – I helped.

I didn’t plan to do it, but I was driving by so thought I’d run in for four things I needed. Out of habit I grabbed a cart to hold said “four things” – Just four. 42-minutes later I walked out with enough bags to cart out instead of just carry.

Sound familiar?

It has to happen a lot, because there are endless meme’s + YouTube spoofs for Target shopping.

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How in the heck does that story relate to my photography?

Lem-me tell ya…

Planning + details are key to telling your story.

As a headshots photographer I notice branding stories everywhere!

…Whether we’re telling your high school senior portrait story or planning what + how we’ll shoot your headshots + branding session for your small business. Planning all the details makes a big difference, HUGE difference, in telling your business story {and can save you a lot of time + money}.

I wasn’t planning to decorate my laundry room when I went into Target, but I also wandered off the path, “to just peek at what was new”.

Do you click + wander when you’re online?

Before you reserve your Headshots photographer or personal branding session there are three steps to think about.

This way you get exactly what you need + don’t end up with new laundry room decor that wasn’t on your list::

{or maybe you secretly want to update your laundry room. If you spend as much time as I do with laundry you may as well make it pretty}

headshots, branding, headshots-photographer
  1. What is the vibe/story of your business?
  2. How do the colors of your brand {they help convey your vibe}?
  3. What is your plan or intention for the photos?

By vibe I mean, “What do you want your clients to feel?” We’re telling a story about your business, and it’s told through your colors and consistent photography style. Are you an online business or brick & mortar? Do you sell a physical product or service-based?

For me it started with the name, Shining Moments.

I like shiny, sparkly, fun & feel good. My colors are bold with black and white, which allows me to add a POP COLOR or sparkle {sometimes that’s silver, sometimes gold}.

Decide what look to put out into the world with your consistent colors and continue that through your branding, social media, packaging… And YES, your photos.

When I work with a client as their headshots photographer and into their personal branding I give a questionnaire to plan out the

  • best location
  • what colors we’ll use
  • products
  • props etc., and from there we make a plan.

For a full Branding Session I know what to use + how to set up the best day of shooting. I give clients a batch of images to use on social media, business cards, blog posts, email newsletters, and marketing for a few months at a time.

After the session the images are all wrapped up and ready to go so they can focus on the 92 other things that need to get accomplished in a business day.

When you start to think {and write down} your plans for the images you’ll get that cohesive vibe for your business and it takes the stress out of the day-to-day marketing.

headshot-photographer, headshots-photography

I’ve got little pieces of my business + me {camera, black frames on my white wall, pop of shiny silver, coffee…}. This image was for an experiment post and it’s worth a peek if you’re thinking about doing everything yourself.

If you’re looking to up your social media presence, get your photography story out, create new images for your personal brand, CONTACT ME!

I can be your headshots photographer all the way to working together to create a portfolio of images for your business story.

Cheers & Sparkles to ya!


P.S. – Thanks Target for showing me how little will-power I have when it comes to shopping.

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