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St Charles Photographers | Where do we go in the changing seasons

Where should you go in the changing seasons with your St Charles photographers?

Emma loved the flowers + all the bright greens of late Summer

Urban, natural, bright and colorful, or a combination. I scout out locations all the time to find the right fit for your senior portraits.

You can call it attention to details, a photographer loving her job, or, some might say, “obsessive for getting it jussssst right”

So when you come to me for your final high school memory I’m going to look for places that fit your personality + your high school chapter.

What does that even mean?

You’re going to change after high school. You’ll change a lot after high school. The last four years have been spent walking the halls of the same place, and mostly your same people. But senior year is called your year of lasts because each event, sport, musical…





in the very same way.

And that’s so fun to get these last pieces as a senior photographer! I capture you before leaving high school to live your best life! To jump out and make all those dreams you’ve planned – come true.

Social media splashes a lot of senior picture inspiration for you to see. But as you’re scrolling through all your friend’s senior photos, think about what YOU WANT. Where do you want to go and what do you want to wear?

I’m your St Charles Photographer that find the locations that fit your personality

1/ Your Senior Questionnaire

I look at your answers to get a peek of your likes + dislikes. What’s important to you now, school activities, hobbies, and styles.

2/ Is Your ‘Look’ Urban or Natural?

I find unlikely locations to create your senior story + have some FUN.

Abbie loved pops of color. Yes, she typed those exact words on her questionnaire. Around the time of her senior photos we were having a severe drought. And that request was a challenge to find. For me, as Sycamore, DeKalb, St Charles photographers, I scout around everywhere. I found that blue door + made some bright colors in my studio to make her backdrop wish list happen.

Take notice of your surroundings.

I found the blue door going for a bike ride. Go for a drive, a walk, or jump on your bike and start seeing unconventional places that we can turn into your perfect backdrop.

{Of course, if you don’t want to, I can take care of narrowing down the locations for you.}

st-charles-photographer, senior-photographer, photographer-portraits
St Charles Photographers looking around Northern Illinois

3/ What’s Your Comfort Level?

I’ve been photographing seniors for a very long time. When a senior is uncomfortable in the setting {+ clothes} it shows in the images.

If you love the city + all the activity moving around you, then walking the sidewalks around Geneva, St. Charles, and Batavia may be your backdrop.

But ask yourself, “Will I be comfortable walking + POSING with all the people watching and staring?”

You shine when you’re most comfortable where you are + what you wear.

SMP TIP:: Try on all your outfits a week before your shoot from head-to-toe. {accessories included}

Sharing your shine in Shining Moments Photography

Three quick ideas to think about in the changing seasons for your senior portraits.

And one more…

We all love the Fall leaves here in Northern Illinois. But there are a lot of other backdrops that can bring out your sparkle too. Let’s chat and find YOUR BEST SHINE!

Cheers & Sparkles to your Wednesday!

πŸ’–Andrea | St Charles Photographers for your Senior Portraits

P.S. Yes. I’m a senior + headshot photographer. Yes. I like pretty pictures + telling a story…But I love making life easier + fun in your day-to-day and month!

P.P.S Sparkle Notes for new tips + ideas once-a-month

senior photographer, sycamore photographer, senior pictures, DeKalb IL
We found an urban, edgier look for this outfit of Cassandra’s


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