St Charles photography locations are everywhere in our reviving Chicago suburb and we are shining a light on this urban backdrop to tell your high school story.

Oh yes, you do have a high school story to shine! But if you don’t stop to capture it now the only memories you’ll have will be the ones you see when you’re scrolling through your phone. And for some shots that’s great.

But let’s hope, cross your fingers + toes, that your phone doesn’t wipe clean on the new update like my husband’s did last month.


His photo’s, his notes, his reminders all vanished.


As long as we are talking about telling your story, do you really only want it captured on your phone?

I get it!

Our cell phone cameras have come a long way with technology, but they weren’t made for every moment. Go ahead, grab those walking off the field shots, sitting in the bleacher shots, or hugging on high school friends at the basketball game…

But the album images, the beautiful wall prints lining the stairs…

Those need an epic freeze-frame moment before leaving high school foreveR!

spring trends, pink, high school senior photographer, Geneva IL
Abby wanted POPS of color added into her senior portrait story so I created this backdrop for her.

And the experience of the photoshoot day itself is like nothing else!

Walking around St Charles for your photography is a day of fun that centers all around YOU!

My purpose in creating your session is to help you curate your high school senior story so that it’s fun, memorable, and records your senior milestone forever!

How can I Help You Capture Your Moment?

You’re in the last year of high school and you’re in one of two camps::

Camp One:: I’ve been ready to graduate since I was a Junior – Lets go!

Camp Two:: I want to do all the fun stuff of senior year, but I’m ready to close the high school book. – Lets go!

But don’t rush into the next chapter too fast. We don’t get to go back…Ever! Life is full of moments, the good, the hilarious, the meh, the bad, and the boring. All of these moments shape who we are and the choices we’ll make. They create your story.

I know, your 2021 senior year has had more meh than extraordinary. That makes getting your last high school year so much more important! This is definitely a graduating year for the books!

Your senior portraits are not only about muting out EVERYTHING FOR A DAY, they’re about capturing that glimpse of who you are in these last four high school years.

A lot has changed in your four short years!

Being on the other side of graduation, for myself and as a parent, I am writing to share, no plead, with you, how much this milestone means as a chapter in your autobiography.

Record this time for your parents. Pause for a day to celebrate you!

Mom wants the portraits of the day we walked around St Charles for a photography day. She wants to hang those images on her wall to keep you close while you’re off living your college experience.

And I haven’t met a teenager yet that doesn’t enjoy taking a break from that endless senior year checklist that has taken up residence inside their head.

senior girl, photographer senior, Batavia il, Geneva Illinois, Sycamore IL, floral dress
St Charles Photography | Urban, outdoor, cafe fun

Do you want a story session that captures your favorite high school memories?

List your top 5 moments of your days at Saint Charles East High School that you loved. Do you dance? We’ll use one of your dance outfits. Have you played a sport all four years? Let’s use the baseball or soccer or football field for one of your locations.

Do you want to style your wardrobe to show you favorites from your senior year?

Style is personal. But when you’re walking through the doors at Saint Charles North High School and you see all the styles roaming the halls, it might not seem like a personal style. However, it is your style when you’re buying the on-trend pieces because no one wears them like you. Add some personal pieces with your accessories and you’re ready for walking, posing, jumping, laughing for a fun day of photography around St Charles.

At SMP I help you style up your outfits, provide you with my digital style + location guides, makeup + hair advice, and a complete checklist that creates easy prep for your fun, one-of-a-kind senior portrait day.

Do you want a day that is tailored for you?

You deserve a special day before leaving your high school halls. I said it above + repeat it for the upper deck to hear…Everything changes after high school. Okay, not everything, but there are a lot of things that will changeπŸ˜‰

You don’t live in St Charles? That’s okay, I don’t either. St Charles photography is only one place I travel. I’ve photographed in many locations around Northern Illinois.

  • Where does your story take place?
  • Do you want your senior pictures at school?
  • Do you love your home property and want to have that location as one of our stops?
senior photography, DeKalb Illinois, boho, white dress, Sycamore IL
Emma wanted a natural backdrop in late Summer to go with her Summer tan + white dress favorites

We talk about your location ideas + I offer plenty options for you too choose from.

Location can add to your senior story and the day of YOU. In my Senior Picture Locations Blog Category I have posts that give you ideas how to choose, what to do if a senior wants one look and Mom wants another, ideas for what to wear, and more.

I also offer one of my Senior Guides to get your ideas in motion before your reserve your date. 25 Tips To Tell Your Story

I guide my active, and ubber busy, High School Seniors through each step to curate your high school autobiography through images.

Do you have some ideas bubbling in your head already around St Charles or elsewhere?

I’d love to see them! Seniors can find me on Instagram, so send me your ideas in an Instagram DM. Mom, if you are mostly on Facebook, you can message me there {or Instagram too, whichever is your favorite social media platform.πŸ˜‰}

While you’re over on Instagram sending me your cool photography ideas in St Charles, Sycamore, Aurora, or Geneva, you can scroll through my feed for more ideas, or find my Reel tips. I want to make it as FUN + easy to create an amazing, unforgettable day for you!

andrea, signature, shining-moments-photography

πŸ’– St Charles Photography for Seniors + Headshots and Branding

high school, St Charles IL, guy style, black truck, GMC

P.S. Scroll this blog post to get started on pinning some ideas for your senior portrait story.

This Weeks Shiny Shares::

  • πŸ“š Reading:: The Undomestic Goddes by Sophie Kinsella
  • πŸ“ΊWatching:: March Madness! Final Four and into the championship game! GoZags!
  • 🍏Snacking:: Green Smoothie life…I am on day 48 of having 1-a-day to improve my hydration. I have a good one if you want a new recipe
  • πŸ’–Loving:: My new style ring from Six + Cypress


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