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Starting Your College Applications?

Those two words that cause so much stress…

College Applications!

Have you started your college applications yet?

senior-year, college-prep, illinois-photographer, college-applications

If you’re heading into senior year, you’ve got quite a few months of celebration ahead!

You’re finally here:: senior year!

It’s what you’ve been dreaming of for years, and with it comes a litany of things to do.  And today, we’re focused on starting the process of your college applications.

I know, I know…I can hear the inward sigh. Isn’t senior year about celebrating, making memories, and savoring the last bits of high school?

You bet it is!

But it never hurts to prepare early for all the decisions you have in front of you::

\Work together::

Believe it or not, your senior year can go one of two ways. It can be a stressful, awful time for you + your parent, or you can use the time to bond and truly have some fun!

Why not make your to-do list something you tackle together?

You might make some beautiful memories in the process. Parents, remember your teen has enough stress and pressure coming from all directions, so try to limit your added pressure on top of that. {I’ve been through senior year and had to put myself in-check a few times that year myself.}

\It’s never too early to visit colleges::

It might seem early, but college tours fill up fast, especially at state colleges. It’s great to go early to figure out which ones to cross off your list right away.

Go visit in your sophomore summer and see if it really lives up to your dream. I did this with my daughter while we were out in Washington.

We scheduled two campus tours {WSU & UW} and learned some great details. She was able to eliminate one of them from her wish list AND has a college as a benchmark.

The wheat fields of WSU are out and the Northwest city life of UW is her benchmark college. Touring my old stomping grounds was a blast from the past too! The Cougar Country drive-in is still alive + delish!

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Want more details?

And a minor shameless plug for telling + preserving this last piece of your high school story…

SMP TIP:: Senior year is a huge milestone! Set aside time to capture your last high school story! It’s an irreplaceable last moment!

Contact me today! 

Show the World Your Kind of Beautiful

Cheers & Sparkles to your college applications!

💖-Andrea | Shining Moments Photography | Your Senior Photographer


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