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Ready for Summer Fun | Sycamore Photographer

Summer fun + warmth is finally here! If you taking a Summer vacation or stay-cation I have 5 tips to remember before you head out the door.

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Whether you’re traveling or staying close to home this Summer, I have you covered. All the ideas below will help you maximize your vacation time, whether you’re a parent or a student!

Summertime goes pretty fast+furious, and you don’t want to miss a moment when you’re free from finals, graduation stress, or the regular school schedule::

1/ Snapping Photos

C’mon, you had to knew I was going to give you a source for taking the best summer pics + capturing all that fun::

Here are tips for photographing your trip!

A fun idea if you have little ones, is to give them each a cheap disposable camera to snap from their point of view! If you’re older, try something like the Instax cameras!

2/ Pack it up

Before you head out the door catch this video:: How to pack tips…I think we could all use this video on packing smart, no matter how far you’re traveling!

3/ Traveling by plane?

Yes, people really are flying these days. There’s nothing worse than having to toss your favorite shampoo or foundation before your flight because it’s too large for your carry-on (trust me, it’s happened to me!) Here areĀ 15 travel essentials that are TSA approved

4/ How to pack your tech

Maybe you’re looking to leave your phone/tablets behind? Riiiiiight….:: Here is the ultimate checklist for packing all those tech gadgets, instead…because we all know we can’t go long without being plugged in (wink!)

5/ Dress for the party!

From your plane-rides, to hiking, to brunch with friends, Teen Vogue has some hip fashion ideas for your vaca too:: What to wear on your road trip

After all the summer fun has ended, don’t forget to print those summer memories!

Keep them forever to remember the fun you had before starting senior year, or heading off to college. I can’t count the number of people I know who take gorgeous photos but never do anything with them! If you’re using your iPhone or Droid to capture your summer memories here are a few places that will print from your Instagram | Phone photos::

  • Instant photo-books of your Instagram or Facebook album photos:: Blurb
  • Want a mini book or a mini square? :: Social Print Studio

Safe travels + cheers to your Summer fun!

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Cheers & Sparkles

šŸ’–Andrea | Your Summer Fun Photographer for Senior Pictures+Headshots

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