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Summer Photography Style | Splurge vs Savvy

Schools out for Summer, but Summer photography is always in session! Summer style ideas for your senior photography session, or just because, is what’s on the SMP blog agenda today!

Helping you put together your wardrobe, makeup, hair, + location ideas is another planning piece I help with in all photoshoots… It’s also a great excuse for me to go shopping for the latest trends too.😄

This week’s post is one of my seasonal write-ups to help give you shopping ideas for your everyday, a new outfit for casual Friday at work, your high school senior pictures, or branding headshots. My last two seasonal posts offer great local shops to find some of your Summer accessories too::

What is your go-to Summer outfit?

This is your starting point when you start gathering together your wardrobe for your Summer photography session. For Summer we want cool + comfortable right? {to stay cool, not the be cool kind}

When I send my senior questionnaire out to clients one of the questions is, “What type of outfit would you wear everyday if you could?”

From that answer I guide them in creating their wardrobe for their senior pictures or personal brand photoshoot. There are some who fill the box with all different kinds of styles they like, and others who are happiest in jeans and a t-shirt.

Then we can start building your wardrobe and photography story.

Summer photography accessories

If jeans + a tee are your wardrobe staples, then up-level the look In your senior pictures by adding in some Summer accessories.

  • Sunglasses – Buy a new style + color. On the Savvy side you can grab a few pairs to change out. For a long-lasting Splurge go for a classic color + ones that fit your face shape.
  • Bandanas/Scarves – These add color to your outfit and used to style your hair, as a belt, around your neck, annnnd, this Summer I’ve started seeing them as tops!
  • Lipgloss/lipstick – Our poor lips! Often forgotten, but so needed to complete a look 👄
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  • Hats – What says SUMMER more than sunglasses + hats? Colored hats, baseball caps, sun hats, bucket hatThey make great props in photos too.
  • Bracelets/necklace – Take your simple jean outfit upscale with silver or gold. Run by Target for a Savvy Summer find or a new piece from Alex and Ani for a Splurge
  • Shoes – Finish the look with pizzazz on your feet. I could do an IGTV alone on shoe ideas from my closet. Have I mentioned how much I love shoes? 😆
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Oh, if this is your first time on the SMP Blog…

Thanks for clicking by! I have endless ideas + tips for your senior pictures and headshots. Search around, or if you have something specific you’re searching for contact me and lets see how I can help!

more Summer ideas for your photography photos

You can style up your wardrobe for Summer on a Splurge or Savvy budget. Choose your favorite style and we can accessorize it from there this Summer!

I’ve been styling-up my high school seniors for ten years in every season and all the trends. And, I’ve had enough birthday’s to style repeat trends too 🤣

Bell-bottom jeans for one repeat trend example. I had them in my Spring Savvy vs Splurge post. Before we hit the 90-degree temps I was pairing mine with graphic tee’s + a scarf or Spring jacket. With my vertically-challenged legs I also wear them with heels or booties. But if you’re one of my taller, longer-legged, friends can throw on a graphic T + sandals and walk out into the sunset.

Brian shakes his head at me a lot wearing ripped or un-hemmed jeans, but they’re my favorite right now. More holes to let in the Summer breeze on days I don’t want to wear shorts or sundress.

If you’re looking for more Summer ideas I have plenty::

Class of 2022:: Plan your Summer photography senior shoot now + avoid the rush of fall

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