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Shop Target For Senior Pictures

Let’s shop Target for cute senior picture outfits!

Senior year is filled with excitement, anticipation, + extra expenses. All the senior lasts are a big deal! While your senior pictures are a forever memory, you can shop on a small budget AND look trendy + stylish to capture this last high school chapter.

Next stop…Target!

Moms, am I the only one who can relate to this saying?

shop-target, target, senior-style

I run into a lot of moms at Target, so I’m guessing I’m not the only one who walks through the doors for toothpaste + cat food and rolls out with my red cart full.

Mom, grab your senior and let’s go walking the virtual aisles of Target for your senior pic styles!

Always remember the accessories to complete any wardrobe. “Accessories” covers SO MANY options – so if earrings or bracelets aren’t your style, what about::

  • a baseball hat
  • beach hat
  • scarf
  • headband
  • hair scarf
  • vest
  • rings & necklace

Your style is how you design it, but I’m always around to guide you!

A pop of color + short kimono is all the rage for spring! The short skirt {gives us shorty gals a longer leg look}, mixed with the flowing kimono shows the current style of your graduating year.

When you shop Target look for pieces that create YOUR look for senior year + photo session.

Always keep your style in mind to tell the story of your high school chapter and blend your style with current trends. When we plan out your senior session, I’m there every step to help tailor this final story with you.

In my next few blog posts we’ll be shopping Forever 21 + local boutiques to give a mix of ideas. And start you thinking about your senior pictures with me – Shining Moments Photography.

Well, no, my name isn’t SMP, it’s Andrea, but you already knew that if you’ve been here before 😊

Until next time…I hope your day is filled with a whole lotta SPARKLE!

Cheers & Sparkles to your Target shopping!

💖-Andrea | Shining Moments Photography

P.S. Shopping with Target gives you style without breaking the bank

P.P.S If you have questions about the SMP Senior Collections or ready to reserve your session, I can help with that!


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