Fall Senior Pic Outfits | Senior Photography

It’s time to chat about Fall senior pic outfits!

Ready to get your wardrobe stylin’ for Fall?

Today, we’re talking about trends…fall trends, to be exact! Here are the hottest fall senior pic outfits to help you prep for your year of lasts!

It’s fun for me to see the variety in fashion + tailored style each year as a senior photographer.

The seniors I photograph always love sharing their love of fashion with me, and help keep this photo mama + businesswoman on top of the current styles!

Each season I read up on the must-have styles for fall. I help each senior curate their story and part of photographing you is photographing what you love to wear!

I have your short list to start your style eyes searching!

SMP Side Note:: I know there are hundreds, ok a ba-jillian, places to shop. But as a small biz myself I always encourage my clients to shop small or shop local when they can.

Shopping online isn’t just for big brand stores anymore. Some of my finds are from cute local boutiques.

If you like the walk-in brick-n-mortar don’t forget to check out SIS in downtown Sycamore with Melissa & Michelle there to help style you up. One more cute boutique for you Fall fashion is Jori & June, conveniently located next to the All Chocolate Kitchen {YUM!}

Now on to the Fall Senior Pic Outfits!

  1. Sneaker it up: All designs + colors you can dream up.
  2. Plaids – 70’s plaid are making a return so Gen-Z can experience the style for themselves
  3. Sparkle + glitter
  4. Monochromatic (go gray)
  5. Boho-vibe with Brown as the new Black
  6. Denim dress and dress it up or down, shiny sandals to sparkling boots
  7. Sporty Denim dressed up or down in light-washed, shortalls, and overalls
  8. Floral and graphics – vintage florals and loud graphics make a the Fall statement
  9. Colors of reds, oranges, browns, pinks play up the wheel this Fall

I’m continually collecting new style ideas on my Pinterest Teen Board + writing blog posts that help you gather your style ideas before your senior session day! Here’s another SMP Fall inspo post for you.☺️

Seventeen Magazine has over 40 back-to-school outfit ideas + senior session outfits too.

Cheers & Sparkles

💖Andrea |Senior Photographer getting you ready for Fall

P.S. Hope you’re following along on SMP social + get Sparkle Notes. There’s always more fun fashion ideas coming your way from my new finds


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