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Teen photography, or also referred to as an age group of the lost generation.

Sounds a bit strange doesn’t it? But read on and you’ll see what I mean when it comes to our busy teens these days.

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Most parents love to capture the toddler and newborn years, often clamoring to schedule lots of professional shoots, complete with poses and lots of cute outfits!

Of course, school photos cover much of the next years, and then before you know it, it’s time to start planning for your senior portrait story.

But, what comes in between?

Nothing really. Those years are often skipped. In the age of smart phones, maybe a snapshot here, a quick pose there, and that’s it for teens. We capture their growing-up years through the phone.

Super sad face.

I get it, I have busy teenagers too. But much like their schedules, these years move faster than a major league baseball pitch!

I believe teens should have professional photos long before their senior sessions.

Of course, capturing the baby years is important, because they change so quickly, but equally important are the teen years, fraught with hidden, more subtle changes.

Sycamore-Illinois-photographer, BFF
A day with your BFF

They may not change as fast, but having that excited teen smile, celebrating a driver’s license, or a sweet sixteen birthday captured with portraits is just as important.

These images are from a BFF shoot. Lexi’s Mom has been a client of mine for years. Lexi was in 8th grade when we met up to have this BFF session.

Last week I was once again privileged to capture Lexi again, for her junior prom photos.

And you see how she’s changed because MOM hit the PAUSE BUTTON to get some FUN TEEN PHOTOS.

teens, prom-photography
Junior Prom

Whether it’s a BFF mini session, capturing your teen doing what they love most right now, or their first homecoming as a freshmen, LET’S CAPTURE THE MOMENT!

Let’s capture the memories before they pass by. It might not seem fast right now, but just think about that baseball pitcher throwing to home plate…

WHOOSH! The moment is gone!

teenagers, teen-photography
Teen Photography
prom-photos, teen
Capture the Prom Moment

When is the perfect time?

  • Freshmen homecoming with friends
  • BFF Session at the end of middle school
  • Capture what they love in middle {dance, sports, theatre, music…}

Then when it’s time for their Senior Portraits you’ll have BOTH phases captured for ever!

When you’re ready to start planning, let me know, I’m ready to capture your story!

Cheers & Sparkles

đŸ’–Andrea | Your Teen + Senior Photographer

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BFF-photos, teen-photography
BFF with the lockets to show it!


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