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Blue Jean Style | High School Senior Photography

Baby got that blue jean style

Or is the song, baby got those blue jeans on? I get song lyrics mixed up all the time. But it’s the style of the jeans we’re looking for.

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A lot of high schoolers think they have to wait till senior year to commemorate their achievements and hard work, but there is more than just your senior session!

A teen shoot is a great way to have fun, and do things like a stylized session…all before graduation.

The teen years are something to celebrate, any time!

  • Celebrate your birthday and add in a photo shoot.
  • Have a fun HOCO night planned? Capture it all in photos.
  • Mini shoot with your BFF

But back to our blue jeans. For this shoot the only requirement was to wear your favorite jeans and get ready to put on your serious face.

No, not really.

But I did see how long it took before we could get totally serious for this string of images.

blue-jean-style, highschool-senior-photographer, batavia-il
Oh that blue jean style!

That perfect pair of jeans is a pretty elusive thing…so when you find the perfect pair, you hold onto them!

Blue jeans inspired this fun, stylized shoot at Sycamore Park with some awesome models. This is just one example of a creative session. I’d love to hear the ideas you have for your own!

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Cheers to your blue-jean-wearing-weekend!

đŸ’–Andrea |Shining Moments Photography

P.S. You could also try your no-sew skills and create a jean look all your own! I have a step-by-photo-step in this DIY Jean Style Post

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