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What Every High School Senior Should Know

What every high school senior should know before starting the year.

You’re SOOOOO close! But before you jump out into that new exciting chapter…

I’ve got 10 things you might wanna know before you start your college days::

I wanted to share ten things today, for my seniors who are leaving behind their high school days and those heading into their senior year.

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Do you know the saying, “hindsight is 20/20”?

How about an ahead-of-sight look at senior year? I’ve been a senior photographer for awhile now, and there’s a lot of things I’d love to share with each client, no matter where they are in their journey.

But you’re busy, so how about just ten things every high school senior should know…

1/ Embrace it + say yes to each opportunity

This is a new adventure + some of the best times of your life. Look at each new college opportunity as a way to find your best path. Just because you leave for college planning to be a teacher doesn’t mean that’s where you’re meant to end up.

When a new door opens, don’t be afraid to check out what’s inside. {i’m sounding too cliche now aren’t I?}

2/ Have fun, but don’t lose sight of your goals

Yes, experience new things, but remember who you are and what’s most important; staying true to yourself, your family, and your goals.

3/ Give everyone a chance

High school can steer you into certain arbitrary groups. If you played 3 sports in high school and no time outside of that life, this next chapter you can try clubs, the arts, student government…

Be kind too. There will be a lot of different opinions coming together on campus. You’ll agree with some and others not so much. Keep an open mind, open heart, and be kind in your words.

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4/ Rush week

If you’re joining rush week, don’t worry about what sorority istop tier on campus. Go with the house + the girls that make you feel comfortable, and where you can be yourself. It’s the best time…when you pick the right house!

5/ Do your laundry and clean out your mini fridge

You and your roommate will appreciate this one, seriously!

6/ GET INVOLVED with things that interest you

Whether it’s running for a position in your sorority or fraternity, joining an a ‘capella group, a political group, an art club, intramural sport team…Get out of your room! Do something, or lots of things.

No matter where you choose for college, if you don’t get out with people you can’t grow. You’ll find students who have similar interests + teaches you how to manage your time, as well as being held responsible for something. #lifeskills

7/ How about a phone call or text

Your mom and dad love and miss you more than you could even fathom. It doesn’t hurt to call, or send a text every few days. At the very least, call once-a-week.

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What Every High School Senior Should Know

8/ One group may slow but others will grow

Your group messages from high school friends will probably slow down and that’s okay. It doesn’t mean you aren’t friends anymore, it just means you’re all enjoying where you are, and that’s part of the journey.

9/ The Freshman 15 is a real thing. You have a gym, use it.

Use your campus gym membership, add an exercise class to your schedule, or join intramural games to keep you activity up.

If you have a heavy work load some weeks, read on the treadmill or stationary bike. Get creative in keeping up your exercise.

10/ Surround yourself with the others who have your back

People who are genuine friends and really bring out the best in you. Depending on the size of your campus you could meet hundreds of different students in the next year.

Some people will be passer-by friends. Some students will drop by your room with a pizza at 1am. Others may help you survive your chemistry lab. And who knows, one might even become your one-and-only for life.

As you go though this college chapter you’ll change over the years because you’ll be exposed to all new things + education. As long as you stay true to yourself + surround yourself with friends you can count on it’s going to be your next great adventure!

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💖 Your Senior Photographer + College Advisor

{Okay, not like your actual college advisor, stick to the one assigned to you on campus. But I’m good with the tips helping to prepare for those college days😉}

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