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THANK YOU on Veterans Day

It’s Veterans Day and after last week it’s a perfect time to share some THANKFULNESS!

One beautiful thing in life is that we all have different experiences. Some good, some bad, exciting, frightening, loving…All kinds of experiences.

The longer we live – the more we get.

My Grandfather had A LOT of life experience living well into his 90’s. One of those monumental experiences was serving in WWII for a country far away from his “home”. He survived adversities I’ll never know {thanks in part to his sacrifice}.

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Missing him on Veterans Day

He was an amazing man! He taught me a lot in the way he talked, acted, and the kindness he showed to SO MANY.

I know there are vast opinions about politics, war, government etc. Please set ALL OF THAT ASIDE for a minute and see the person.

I asked my Grandfather about his war experiences over the years because as a history teacher, living history far outweighs anything I could have learned in a book. No doubt he had very strong opinions. I respect them because I will never experience what he went through {and thankfully so}.

When I honor veterans today I can’t fully understand, or maybe agree with all reason we end up in a war. But I can honor + THANK A GOOD PEOPLE for serving a country that grants us so many freedoms.

I miss our conversations when I went home to visit. When you sat with him over coffee. {Because you had to go to coffee each morning.} He’d share his thoughts unfiltered. We can learn a lot when we sit + listen, without interjecting.

Sadly, I believe we’ve lost the ability to have a conversation…to REALLY LISTEN to each other. We can learn from those we disagree with. We can see the other side without agreeing if we give the conversation a chance.

On this Veterans Day…If you know a war veteran please sit down and listen to the stories.

Don’t listen so you can jump in and tell them something or change their mind, JUST LISTEN.

Different perspectives foster new ideas.

I won’t ever be able to fully comprehend what it’s like to serve in a war. But listening to those who have served extends my respect, grace, + kindness {even when our opinions differ}.

My Grandfather was a strong, feisty, Italian-American who would have done ANYTHING for his family. Some of the words out of his mouth shocked me, but I respected him because of who he was, the experiences he endured, and the life he worked so very hard to make for his family.





I don’t know your story. But I’m willing to listen + hear you. Someday I hope we can learn from our special veterans of past and get back to listening and learning through our differences. That’s when some real magic can happen.

The United States is not a perfect place, but if you’ve found that place on earth, please share.

I am grateful to all of you who’ve served this country whether through your duty, willingness, or requirement. I have traveled to many places in my almost half-century of life and I haven’t found any other place I’d rather call home. {I haven’t made it to my Grandfather’s home in Palermo, Italy yet, so maybe I could settle there ;)}

God bless the USA & bless all of you!

“Sometimes it’s better to show kindness than your rightness”

On this Veterans Day + everyday, THANK YOU!

💖Andrea | Shining Moments Photography

veterans-day, USA


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    Happy Veterans Day to all who’ve served!💖


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