The Best Ways to Avoid Mistakes during Math Tests

Have you ever walked into your math class and knew you were going to ACE IT?

Next day:: Ready to see that bright red A on the top of your paper, only to do a double-take when you actually get it? That surely does not have a letter C under MY name?


What went wrong?

It might seem like a departure for me to be talking about math today on the blog, but since we are heading into finals, I wanted to share these useful tips! I know many of my junior and senior clients are taking advanced math courses in school, and I also know that when you’re tired, it’s easy to make simple mistakes! Math is not my favorite subject, but I think these are really useful tips:

Here are 6 ways to stop making silly mistakes so you can count on that A next time:

1. Write neatly.?I’m a lefty, and neat handwriting was not my best assest in high school. When you are figuring out problems with multiple steps, your teacher {and you} need to be able to decipher those steps. Take your time and make sure your 7 doesn’t look like a 2!

2. Be sure your answer matches the form asked for? {decimal, fraction, word form…} It’s easy to skip ahead and start writing, but be sure you understand what is being asked.?

3. Always read & re-read the directions / questions. We seem to hit a fast-forward button when the teacher says, “begin”, because the stress and adrenaline kick in. Read through so you don’t miss what is asked and double check your work. There is no trophy for being the first one done, so take your time!

4. Tests can stress us out. Take a deep breath and relax, and stay calm so your brain can come up with the answers.?

5. Do not – DO NOT do the math problem in your head. {I hope my son reads this}. He is great at math, but oh my goodness, he always wants to do calculate the problem in his head. The paper is there for you to write on – USE IT so you can go back and….check your work before turning it in!

6. Get some rest. A good night’s sleep goes a long ways to help you focus during your test. Eat a breakfast filled with protein, and drink plenty of water. Staying hydrated helps you thinks too. And you can’t concentrate on your test when your stomach is growling {neither can your neighbor}

Use these and other upcoming strategies for your finals that are just around the corner. Who’s ready for the holiday break?


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