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The Book Club | February Issue

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It’s February + my book club started better than expected. I read 2 books + listened to one while doing doing web updates + culling images for this thing we call Covid memory book.

If you’re new here, thanks for clicking by, I’m really glad you’re here! Chime in with your book ideas anytime. We’re a relaxed bunch over here. Over there. And over everywhere since we’re all connected through this screen or that. But, it is a goal to get us all, or even some, in the same place, same time, to see real-live-faces. Wouldn’t that be exciting! A face to face book club!

Howevaaaa, until that time I have all the places we can connect up + the three books you should read. If you want, or have time, or like these kind of books. Ya know, the no pressure, just book ideas for you kind of book club.

There is a short synopsis of the books each month, followed by the upcoming books I plan to read for the next. If you read along for the January books give us your take on the book. I’m pretty much everywhere. You can comment your thoughts on this post, in the Facebook Shine Group, or DM me on Instagram.

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Book 1::The Late Bloomers Club, by Louis Miller

Reading Style:: Borrowed from the public library

Synopsis:: An easy read of small town life mixed with how change comes in at unexpected times. And a mouth-watering bundt cake recipe. This is the perfect book to get lost in for a Winter week. I couldn’t put it down! Plus the recipe at the end is a must try!

Have you ever been thrust into making a decision that affects everyone around you? This story revolves around that + yummy baking. {You have to make the maple cake in the back of the book. I mentioned that right?} This is a fast read {and I’m a slow reader}, and one where to snuggle up on the couch with a warm cup and get lost in the pages. It’s a book that you can see in-real-small-town life.

Late Bloomers has two good-feely ones that will probably, most-likely, for sure, pop up on my Monday morning vibes story on Instagram.

1/ “I can’t think of a single occasion where a little sparkle didn’t improve things.”

Better words were never spoken – right?

2/ This one spoke to the Mom in me. “…People are like century trees. You never know when they will bloom, but when they do, it’s always an extraordinary sight to behold.”

Book 2::The Dorito Effect, by Mark Schatzker

Reading Style:: Listened on Hoopla {through the library}

Synopsis:: Why doesn’t chicken taste anymore? The Dorito + why we always grab a handful, that’s why. Schatzker gives a history of how flavorings started in our foods, and trains our bodies to crave more. Yes, I’m obsessed with reading food labels, organic when it makes sense, + learning more about why my body rejects a lot of the “fast + easy foods’.

There are dry spells in the book. But hearing more research on the chemicals encourages me to grab more strawberries than Dorito’s {notice that ‘more’ did ya? It’s an imperfect world & Dorito’s are still in it}. Now If I could just get Emma + Nicholas there tooπŸ˜‰

If given the option, are you in the percentage who chooses a strawberry or a Dorito, or both?

Book 3::Broken Throne, by Victoria Aveyard

Reading Style:: Purchased from Harvey’s Tales in Geneva, IL

Synopsis:: This is the fifth book in the Red Queen series. This series falls into the fantasy genre. Emma recommended this series to me and it did not disappoint.

Except for this last one.πŸ™ˆ

This fifth book was hard to follow. It flashes between characters telling their perspective, which I like. But the journal entries interjected throughout made the reading choppy for me. I’m reading along, then crack, she switches to a military record entry. Picture it like eating your favorite popcorn and out of nowhere you bite down on an un-popped seed. That kind of crack!

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Like I wrote in my initial post to start this year’s book {HERE}, I read all gaments of books. Maybe it’s my creative side or I’m just scattered, but I can’t stick to just one category.

If you’ve already read one of these books, what was your take?

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P.S Spread some joy and get more of us to take up the challenge this month by sharing this post. Maybe a few extra people will get a surprise visit or warm cake dropped at their doorstep.

P.P.S It’s time to grab your warm blanket + snuggle up for the next book club reads – Ready?

  1. Atlas Shrugged by Ayn Rand {listening for the third time on Hoopla}:: History can repeat itself, and we should learn from it so we can do better. My first time through this book I viewed it as a selfish, self-serving way to look at life. The second time through I found the rewards in perfecting your passion. And as I am half way through a third time, the philosophical premise + the relationship to our business today is astonishing!
  2. Quench by Dr. Dana Cohen {purchased at Half-Price Books}:: Are you drinking “just water”? What is gel water? You might be drinking TOO MUCH water. A few new tweaks to my water. And watch my family squinch their eyes at me again.🀣
  3. My (no so) Perfect Life by Sophie Kinsella {purchased at Half-Price Books}:: It’s February in Northern Illinois and we all know what that means…Another cold, chilly, freezing, frigid month. So let’s add a third book. London life, British slang, and how social media is a tiny snapshot of the story. Our mate, Sophie has her finger on the pulse. {Kinda like this Love Yourself Post}.

Half-Price Books brings out my inner-Northwest-Girlie. Along with shopping more local, I like recycled books. Where my Emma keeps every book neatly organized on her book shelves, I read and move on most times. Why not donate them to the library or take them over to Half-Price Books so the books are shared again. Spread some book love!

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Oh good, you’re still here!

You can jump right into the next month too since you just stumbled upon the SMP Book Club… March Issue

And one last quick laugh for ya…Mom-Style! Because we’ve all thought about it some days right?🀣 Or possibly me + my bff are a wee-bit warped.πŸ€·πŸΌβ€β™€οΈ {if it’s blank below, click anyway – sometimes these TikToks have an invisible mind of their own}


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