The Four Fixes For Makeup over 40-ish

Just when we get it jussst right our skin changes and we need to make a few fixes to our makeup routine. If you’re noticing it’s time to adjust a few things too then I’ve got four quick fixes to update your 40-ish skin.

You can walk into an Ulta or Sephora and come out with a full face of makeup in about 20 minutes, maybe 10 if you let the sales person walk you right to the products.

Some of us have a drawer designated to makeup, some of us don’t wear any makeup, and behind door number three is me…The makeup bag.

Kind of a late bloomer when it came to wearing a full-face of makeup, so to have a designated drawer seems like a big step {I don’t want to commit too early}.

This is the state of my makeup bag ⤵︎⤵︎ A deep dive into a messy abyss , but I can find everything I need so it-is-what-it-is. #reallife

makeup, makeup-bag

Most of these products have come in the last two years. I’ve upped my makeup game because of that three-letter-word…


Just when I start to figure this makeup painting out – my skin starts morphing into a puzzle I didn’t quite know how to piece together. It’s taken practice, multiple google searches, a lot of samples, and even some full size products that turned into a cracking mess.

SOOOOOOO, if you’re sitting in my boat, or sailing up to it {2020 will bring my 49th birthday} then I have four quick makeup tips to ‘mask’ those extra lines you might be noticing.

  • Stick to Liquid or Cream Based Foundations

I used powdered foundation for years, but started noticing my under-eye’s were full of lines. I looked like I had bags even after a great night’s sleep. Liquid foundations don’t settle into the lines as much as powder will.

SMP TIP:: Whether you apply with a sponge or brush, lightly spray some water on it so you can build up the coverage instead of caking it on. I keep a tiny spray bottle in my bag just for applying my foundation + concealer

  • Apply Blush Above the Apple of Your Cheek

With that gravity pulling down on us all these years it’s time to create a little optical illusion when we brush on blush. Instead of brushing ON your cheekbone, apply to the upper part of your cheekbones in an upward swipe.

  • Highlight the Upper Cheekbone

Light – Light – Gimme more light! Good lighting isn’t just for photographers, for our makeup, we can ‘highlight’ and draw the eye up! I use both powder + liquid highlighters. Swipe your highlighter on the top of your cheekbones, just above your eyebrows + cupids-bow. Again, lots of options in the highlighting department, but a few of my favorites are high beam by Benefit, tarteist PRO glow by Tarte, flawless filter by Charlotte Tillbury {I use as as highlighter over my foundation + as a stand alone}

If you’ve never used highlighter before start out with a budget-friendly one like Megaglo from Wet N Wild. It goes on best when you apply it with your moisturizer.

Makeup artist, Erin Jahns, used the Wet N Wild megaglo highlighter and it looked as good as my hi-end highlighter

A little dab of moisturizer on the tip of the highlighter adds enough creaminess to the stick to highlight the top of the cheekbone smoothly. Easy + inexpensive trick! You can order online at Ulta {they didn’t have it at my local store}. Target didn’t have the same version, but I might try the wand next time. Over half the price for some extra shine – yes, please!

  • Remember Your Eyebrows

“I’ve never been an eyebrow-pencil-kind-of-girl.” As of 2019 I can’t say that anymore. I don’t paint a Picasso above my eyes, but the tail of my eyebrows {the ends} have started to thin and need a little extra fill. I take my brow pencil and lightly fill in the gaps + bring the ends of my eyebrows back to the party. This is a REALLY BIG DEAL in close up or headshot photography because our expression comes from our eyes, mouth AND EYEBROWS.

This video clip from the Golden Globes proves my point {and it’s kinda funny}. On a side tangent, if you haven’t seen the mini-series Chernobyl on HBO-GO you should add it to your watch list. Yes, even if you’re not a history-buff!

Viola! Your Four Fixes For Makeup to try this week!

Aging is a part of life and there’s parts that I’m loving, but I also like playing with new tricks that can give the illusion that my teenagers haven’t aged me quickly {and boy they have some days}.

If you want to see these fixes in action, I’ll be doing a few quick video’s on Facebook + Instagram in the next few days and adding them to my Story Highlights on Instagram.

Thanks for clicking by today, and hope these tips help you shine as much on the outside as you do on the inside!



P.S. If you’ve tried a makeup trick or two that works PLEASE share!! I love new ideas + sharing helps us ALL SHINE BRIGHTER!

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