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The Guy’s Got Style | Guy Style

I’m tipping my cozy warm stocking hat to the guys + all their style this week!

Senior Guy Style… They showed up – dressed up + did it with style + PIZAZZ!

senior-pictures, senior-portraits, Geneva-Illinois, Batavia-Illinois, guy-style

We were capturing their story in this last chapter of high school even if they didn’t realize it. And they took my senior wardrobe guide and crushed it in assembling their wardrobe for their session! {Okay, maybe Mom crushed it with them. Never be too old to get Mom’s advice guys – never!}

A lot of times we think of senior pictures as just that, pictures. But in a really fast video + social media world it’s a BIG DEAL to stop for a minute, or a day, and get your story on ‘film’, because you’ll NEVER BE HERE AGAIN. And touchy, you’re ready to move on out of the high school days. All the more reason to style-it-up one last time before you race out of those high school halls FOR GOOD!

You’ll NEVER-EVER repeat this milestone!

Side-note, to really hit this point into the upper deck of Wrigley Field for you…I was talking to a client last week about her upcoming photo shoot and she had a lot of questions for me since she hadn’t had professional images taken since HER SENIOR PICTURES {She is in her 30’s now}.

Use the camera superpower of stopping time + get your high school Guy style on for the last time!

“I don’t have time to get dressed up + capture senior pictures because… {insert your answer here}.”

That’s why you have me + Mom!

I have the senior guides full of ideas, I have the questions all ready for you to curate your story with locations that match your guy style. Trust me, we can do this! And, it can be FUN!

Instead of writing it, let me show you a few guy style examples.

We are capturing your story of here + now before heading off to your next big adventure. {We can even add that into your story too!}

Were you all about sports in high school? Music? Theater? Dance? Let’s Capture it!

sycamore-il-photographers, senior-pictures, senior-portraits, sycamore-Illinois

What are the pieces you want to remember about this chapter?

Noah wanted his letter jacket along with remembering his golf years at Sycamore High School. OR do you love baseball? James grew up + went to college playing baseball and we planned his senior story about that. You can get ideas from his baseball inspired images in this post.

Do you love the city life? Let’s go urban for your guy style.

senior-pictures, senior-portraits, Geneva-Illinois, Batavia-Illinois, guy-style, patagonia

Do you have a favorite brand?

We headed to Geneva to match the city vibe with Joe’s Patagonia style. The mix of your guy style will come in handy when my youngest is a senior in a few quick years. Sweatpants is not the guy style look I’m hoping for in his senior pictures. {Never give up on a dream is what I say😊}.

sycamore-il-photographers, senior-pictures, senior-portraits, sycamore-Illinois

These twins look pretty close, but they definitely have their distinct personalities. Just this sample of images in their jackets starts to tell their different stories. One runner – One swimmer. One headed to the warmth for college – the other further North.

senior-pictures, senior-portraits, Geneva-Illinois, Batavia-Illinois, guy-style
sycamore-il-photographers, senior-pictures, senior-portraits, sycamore-Illinois

The first piece in this series, When Should I Schedule My Senior Pictures, will help you too.

senior-pictures, senior-portraits, Geneva-Illinois, Batavia-Illinois, guy-style, black-white
sycamore-il-photographers, senior-pictures, senior-portraits, sycamore-Illinois
sycamore-il-photographers, senior-pictures, senior-portraits, sycamore-Illinois
sycamore-il-photographers, senior-pictures, senior-portraits, sycamore-Illinois
senior-pictures, senior-portraits, Geneva-IL, Batavia-IL, guy-style, patagonia

Guys, this is just a peek into what style we capture for you. You’ve got a lot of great style ahead of you – a lot of exciting new adventures – more BIG MOMENTS to come – and taking time to capture YOUR STORY is really important – REALLY! You {and Mom} don’t wanna miss this milestone moment!

Capture your amazing moments because it’s your story to tell!

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💖Capturing your memories in your unique guy style!

P.S. Contact me with any questions or to start planning your Senior Story! SMP Senior Collections

P.P.S If you don’t have a specific guy style in mind, I can help you. And in the off-chance a senior guy is reading this instead of his Mama…GIVE YOUR MAMA this milestone moment. It means more to us than you’ll ever know. Just look at Brett’s idea Images. Little bit dress-casual – a lot casual-casual…That’s his style.


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