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Last week, I talked here on the blog about the power pose. It’s something I learned about from one of my seniors, Liz (you can find the post here), and her mom. After they told me about it, of course I went on a search for the?TED talk on the psychology of the pose. What I learned was this: her 2010 research showed that striking this pose can help you “embody power” and even change your testosterone and cortisol levels. She claimed it increases confidence and tolerance for risk, as well. Although her research wasn’t super
“scientific”, the idea made tons of sense, and was something I have been thinking about ever since. Body language is powerful, and even standing up straighter has been linked to greater success in job interviews and test scores. Let’s be totally honest here, I’ve had a few big meetings recently, that were a bit stressful. Before I left the house, I actually stood in front of the mirror and power posed like a #girlboss! ?Sure, I wasn’t instantly transformed into Wonder Woman, but I did feel more positive. And, whether you’re 16, 46, or 56, we can all use more positive self-talk. I may even have my seniors strike this pose now and then in their sessions!

Especially in the age of social media, I’ve found seniors and teens are wrestling with their self-esteem more than ever! In fact, Instagram was even linked in an?article on CNN back in May, with negative mental health effects. Whether you’re an extrovert or an introvert, and no matter who you hang out with, be sure to not lose yourself in the hustle and bustle. For a short time until you find a new tribe in college, a 2-minute Power Pose might be just that little pick-me-up you need to tackle that intimidating first meeting, to get through sorority rush, talk to a teacher, of just stand up for yourself.

No matter how confident someone is perceived as being, we all have issues with self- doubt from time-to-time and finding your way to pick yourself back up and power on can be a key to your success!

Spread a little more SHINE to the world….and to yourself!

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