Time To Say Goodbye | Senior Photography

You senior mom’s have planted some great seeds in my head in our senior photography sessions and now I’m pulling them all back out.

2020 was the year I become a “Senior Mom” and one of my biggest challenges will be keeping my tears + camera in check for Emma’s benefit.

I’ve gotta share some Senior Mama advice with you just in case you’re like me + walk around in a fog checking off the

Senior Checklist.

“From the very start of his senior year there was always something we HAD TO DO to finish senior year, for graduation, for testing, for college… We didn’t get to just stop and enjoy senior year.”

HOLY CRAP! {no really, stop and let her words sink in for a sec}.

Her words sit on a bright pink post-in note in my office because I’m one of those people who feels accomplished when I check stuff off my list. If I hadn’t stopped to think about what she said,

I mean really




I’m pretty sure I would have gone through 2020 checking off all the stuff she needs to get done before graduation without stopping to fully ENJOY IT!

I’ll try and tone-down the camera clicking at every single last event {I said TRY}. I’m going to TRY and enjoy the moment and not worry about what has to be done next. I’ll TRY and not feed off of her stress. I can adult better to keep her calm during college applications and that dreaded FAFSA application, and, and, and…

I am so grateful to you post-grad-mom’s! You’re little wisdom-nuggets that you’ve shared with me over the years of doing senior portraits. If I forgot to say, “thank you” or showed that I took it to heart, but I did.


Parenting is something we don’t get to do-over. Yes, if we have multiple kids we do things different with the next one. But it’s never a complete do-over because none of our kids are exactly the same.

To all past Senior Mama’s I hope it was a memorable year!

Future Senior Mama’s let’s STOP + ENJOY their year!

PHOTOGRAPH as much as they’ll allow!

And if you’re a cryer like me…hope we don’t cry our way through THEIR YEAR OF LASTS {but that’s a pretty big IF}.

graduation, senior-portraits

She’s been a great sport over the years humoring me in all the photo-moments. I’m hoping that her last year of high school will be THE BEST PHOTO YEAR YET!

CHEERS and SPARKLES Graduates + Graduate Mom’s

đŸ’–Andrea | High School Senior Photographer


Modern High School Senior Portraits + Headshot Photographer serving Dekalb County and Kane County


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