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As we head into Thanksgiving break and the holiday season, we often find ourselves giving thanks for the things we have, as well as wanting to help others. Because most of us are also beginning our holiday shopping, it’s a great time for me to highlight a practical way to help others this year: Toys for Tots. Yes, I titled this blog Toys for Teens, because so often, the older child/young teen age group is what gets missed in the donations. It is fun to purchase lego sets and baby dolls, but those vulnerable older children need some holiday cheer as well, that is age appropriate. If you are unable to financially afford a toy, you can always donate your time to a volunteer center to help out.

Most Toys for Tots locations open for donations in October, which means we are well into the giving season and timeframe for them to distribute them to needy families.

These links are for the local chapters and there are multiple ways to GIVE::

  • through unwrapped item,
  • through monetary donation for Toys for ‘Teens’ to purchase on your behalf
  • volunteering your time
  • You can make this a really fun time, and include your besties and their parents!

How you can give in DeKalb County? | Dekalb County drop off locations

How you can give in Kane County?| Kane County drop off locations

How you can give in NE Cook County | NE Cook County drop off locations

Don’t forget to subscribe to our?Sparkle Notes to hear about other ways we are giving back. + Please share with your friends and see if we can give some teens in our area an unexpected shiny holiday! Want other ways to help? Here are a few (this is not a personal endorsement, but rather, some helpful links!):

Sycamore Food Pantry
Sycamore Soup kitchen and emergency food bank?
Dekalb Soup Kitchen
Foster Care Association

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