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TRY IT – Social Distance Yoga Breathing

Just relax!

Chill out!


Easier to say than do – even with an involuntary action πŸ˜‰

This week’s blog post is short & sweet but will help to relax some of that anxiousness. If we Stop watching every news story + Coronavirus print piece out there it’ll help too {PSA for you + me πŸ˜‰ }

I’ve been practicing yoga since my back surgery in late 2018 and the breathing has been the hardest for me – yes, I’m serious. I can lay in pigeon pose for forever now, but the breathing…that involuntary action we were born to do…

It does help me slow down and relax, or maybe because I have to focus so much + count that I don’t have any brain-band-width left to stress about anything.

The following two resources give a simple + relaxing start to testing it out::

The first link explains three easy types of breathing exercises. The 2:1 breathing is a simplest way to begin.

The next resource is from the yoga center I attend in Geneva, Illinois. Until they can re-open Lisa is offering on-demand classes from the Prana site. There’s even a class for kids! As of this writing there are 14 classes on the site that you can try for free until April 7th.

If you’re on Instagram with me {@ShiningMomentsPhotography} click through my Stories {or at least on Monday-Wednesday-Friday} to try a new Social Distance idea.

Here are a few other blog pieces for our next 30 days…

CHEERS + see you next week {virtually of course}! πŸ’–-Andrea

Fitting Quote:: “My three-month trial of 2020 is almost over, and I’d like to return it!”

Nutrition Tip:: Drink half your body weight in ounces in each day {100lbs – drink 50oz of water}. Hydrate + replenish

What We’re Watching:: Ozark – Season 3 released last week

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