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Ultimate Graduation Gift Guide

Graduation Time is Here and I Have the Ultimate Graduation Gift Guide for all those graduates you’ll be cheering for!

Here we are again…The excitement for the Graduates!

Money in a card…A Graduate will always give you three cheers for that gift!

But this year how-a-bout tuck that green in with some pizzazz? I’ve known a few Graduates, so I have a few things for Graduates {and their college needs}

So grab your laptop, and as you read this year’s graduation gift guide you can



WRAP IT UP {or bag it}

Fleece Throw Blanket

Every college student needs a throw blanket to wrap up in while they study.

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Unbreakable Tumblers

Unbreakable water cups are a must in college. There’s a lot of them to choose from, plastic to stainless steel. Pop a little cash inside, wrap it in confetti + cello-bag and your ready to gift!

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Communal Bathroom Basket

When you share the showers with your whole floor you gotta have your own caddy – HAVE TOO!

And having everything you need in a grab-n-go caddy makes the college student’s morning go easier. {Or afternoon, some of us are not morning class people} 😁 Buy the necessities and fill the caddy as a gift, or just use the caddy + ShowaFlops as the start to filling their caddy.

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Shower Caddy | ShowaFlops | Shower Gel | Lip Gloss

Hi-Tech Graduate

For the tech-Grad… Here are great picks to wrap up for your Grad! Even if they aren’t a tech fanatic the multi-outlet surge protector is a must-have because there are never enough outlets in the dorm room.

tech-gifts, graduation-gift, high-school-graduate, Airpods, Bose, portable-charger

AirPods | Bose Quiet Comfort | Multi-socket Surge Protector | Portable Charger

Gift Baskets

Put together some of the Graduates favorites in a themed basket.

Coffee Lover? Fill the basket with coffee mug, coffee pods, creamer, sugar, chocolate spoons, coffee cookies, muffins, and a Starbucks or Dunkin gift card. Be the Queen of coffee giving and throw in a mini Keurig 😱 They have mini ones that were made for the college student.

They’ll have to do laundry. Fill a laundry carry bag with all the essentials:: soap, stain remover, dryer sheets, and a roll of quarters.

And, if you’re a parent who’s dropped the ball in teaching them that reds NEVER GO IN WITH LIGHTS, tuck in an instruction sheet too. No shame – I’m too embarrassed to tell you my college laundry story.🙈🙊

Make a Gift Card Tree:: It’s easy to do a google search for places around the Graduates campus. Target or Walmart for last minute things they need, Caribou Coffee, the local coffee shop cards, sandwich shops, fast food…


Make a SHOP LOCAL Card Tree:: Help them celebrate their last ‘high school’ summer by making a tree from all the local places they can shop or go hang with friends before leaving to college.

$$$:: Cash is still King/Queen when it comes to college life. But even if you’re planning on slipping cash into a card, spice it up to surprise the Grad.

And if you’re looking for more ideas here is another blast from the grad past SMP Gift Guide.


I’ll be sending out my VERY DETAILED college dorm packing list soon. Are you on my Sparkle Notes so you get to download your copy?

Cheers & Sparkles Graduates + Families!

💖-Andrea | Shining Moments Photography


Modern High School Senior Portraits + Headshot Photographer serving Dekalb County and Kane County


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