Unsung Hero | Father’s Day

How do you celebrate Daddy-O today?

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Do you have one of those awesome Dad’s in your house too?

We don’t typically buy Mother’s Day or Father’s Day gifts because in the busy days of the teen-phase we both prefer taking that day to spend together. Most of the day will be together, before heading to an evening soccer game – busy teen life even creeps in on family day sometimes. #thatslife

This year he’s celebrating being ‘Dad’ for the 17th time. Our oldest is 17, not that we have 17 kids – just to clarify 😉

Today I’m pitching out a few ideas to celebrate your unsung hero, in case you’re lookin’::

  • Breakfast

Haven’t met a guy yet that doesn’t like that meal, even if it’s just a protein shake. Whether you make it or take him out to breakfast it’s a great way to start the day

  • Active Dad

Bike ride, Rock Cut State Park, fishing, golf, canoe, tennis, bowling

  • Adventure Dad

Take a ride to the dunes in Indiana or Michigan {SO MUCH FUN}, rock climbing, kayaking

  • Chi-laxing Dad

Lay by the pool, BBQ with a few other families, go to the movies

  • Traveling / Working Dad

Surprise him at work on a break, take him lunch/dinner, pack a few surprises in his suitcase for his trip

Whichever type of SuperDad you have, I hope you all have a fantastic Family Father’s Day! And if you’re reading this at the end of the day… What’d y’all do today to celebrate Dad?

Cheers & Sparkles


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