Unsung Hero | Father’s Day

Father’s Day is coming!

How do you celebrate Daddy-O today?

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Do you have one of those awesome Dad’s in your house too?

We don’t typically buy Mother’s Day or Father’s Day gifts because in the busy days of the teen-phase we both ask for a family day together.

Some year’s you could hear the collective groans from Emma + Nick when we shared what we wanted to do for the WHOLE DAY.

Most of the day will be together, before E or N make plans of their own and ditch us. At least when school or performances were still happening we got to tag along when they had something better to do than hang with us. This year, no evening soccer game or musical performance to rush and see.

This year he’s celebrating being ‘Dad’ for the 18th time. Our oldest is 18, not that we have 18 kids – just to clarify 😉

Today I’m pitching out a few ideas to celebrate your unsung hero, in case you’re lookin’::

  • Breakfast

Haven’t met a guy yet that doesn’t like that meal, even if it’s just a protein shake. Whether you make it or take him out to breakfast it’s a great way to start the day

  • Active Dad

Bike ride, Rock Cut State Park, fishing, golf, canoe, tennis, bowling

  • Adventure Dad

Take a ride to the dunes in Indiana or Michigan {SO MUCH FUN}, rock climbing, kayaking

  • Chi-laxing Dad

Lay by the pool, BBQ with another family, go to the drive-in movies

  • Traveling / Working Dad

Surprise him at work on a break, take him lunch/dinner, pack a few surprises in his suitcase for his trip

Whichever type of SuperDad you have, I hope you all have a fantastic Family Father’s Day! And if you’re reading this at the end of the day… What’d y’all do today to celebrate Dad?

Cheers & Sparkles

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