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College Life | 2021 College Freshmen

The college life begins for the Class of 2021…You’re starting freshmen life again!

You final year of high school experience could switch your professional path from an English major to looking into sociology or psychology. Researching the interactions of human behavior from this past year…WHOA!

Or this blip in the historical radar could have your brain tracking a profession in a science lab, away from people all together. Or epidemiology, to figure out how a disease morphs + spreads so rapidly.

My point you ask?

Always remember…Your possibilities are limitless!

I write about creating a story, one chapter at-a-time through photos. And you’re living out the next chapter in a BIG WAY!

The College Life way!

This is up next for most of the class of 2021 and I have 3 tidbits of thought + a lot of help in your transition + parents into the college chapter.

Are you READY?

  • Make the most of your Summer memories
  • Relax in the familiar, but dip your toe in the water, or jump in, & find new territory {don’t fear a new adventure}
  • Give time to prep for college life so the transition is SMOOOOTH

Your story was thrown a plot-twist for sure, but your story is adding a new chapter. The first two points simply say, have fun with friends this Summer + relax. But as you start your college orientations let your mind open to trying something TOTALLY OUT OF YOUR COMFORT ZONE.

You can’t snub something unless you’ve given it a real “college try”!

The last point for College Life I’m making SUPER EASY for you…

My list of college blog posts + Downloads at your cute little fingertips::

College life is an exciting one with all the feels. I’m wishing you the best + most successful time of your life!

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P.S. If you are, or know a 2022 Senior, you’ve come to this page TOO SOON.

But we can get your last high school story in the photo books!😉 Now booking the Class of 2022