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Valentine’s Day with a Twist Please

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I love Valentine’s Day to remind everyone who will listen to LOVE their God-given qualities. Love you + remind everyone you’re around, how awesome they are too! We’re a busy bunch + add-in the hyper-speed of social media and we launch into warp-speed. We’re scrolling, swiping, + clicking through everyone else’s “glamorous” social media lives and in doing that we spin like a tilt-a-whirl of highs + lows loving ourselves less.

How ’bout we stop that!!! And a few more “‼️‼️‼️” to really emphasize the STOP part.

Let’s flip the Valentine’s Day story this year!

And why not every year here-after…

Are you reading this thinking I’m a crazy? Could be because so many are NOT USED TO getting “love-you” reminders on the daily, weekly, or heaven forbid – EVER. ORRRR, you really do think I’m a little nutty. Full disclosure, my teenagers give me that look a lot, so I’m used to the head-tilt, eye-brow raise, smirk face.

They could also be giving me that look because I have chocolate on my face. It’s happens.

Oh, the caramels too.

Whether I had the love of my life or not, I’m still in this holiday for showing extra love to myself + others. Why is one day set aside to show love? And what if you aren’t in love right now, or haven’t been yet?

A day focused on declaring our relationship status can be great for those in a relationship,

but loving YOU is pretty AWESOME too.

And you’re always with yourself, so that’s easy.

I run a photography business based on capturing that milestone moment- Senior Girl + Senior Guy Memories reminding you to see the amazing qualities in yourself.

Middle school + high school are rough sometimes, and so I created a shoot while back + asked a few of my high schoolers to write ONE QUALITY they love most about themselves.

Valentine’s Day = Love Yourself Day

I also write this pre-Valentine’s Day post from a Mom’s perspective. Instilling confidence in teenagers is challenging in the different phases of growing up.

Reminding teenagers they need to be THIER best and no one else’s is tough with social media. Share more examples of self-love + confidence in who we are on social. And the silly. Who doesn’t like a good laugh or feel good dance? I have one for you on my Instagram Reel if you missed it. I’m not above dancing or the silliness.

Put “social” back in social media.

Instead of scrolling through 1000’s of accounts, pick your favorite and leave a comment, or DM. Start a conversation. Start one with me, I’ll always respond, being the chatty one I am.

I am who I am and that’s all I can be. Ohhhhhh, that’s a new Dr Seuss book right there! Now those are some feel-good books! Maybe I’ll add that to the SMP Book Club this year. Dr Seuss books are perfect for sending out a, “LOVE YOU ALWAYS + FOREVER” message.

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Spread Some Love


And if you’re in need of an extra smile or pick-me-up I’m always here. I’m shining on you + for you. Come over and add some silly + FUN into your day. You do follow me on Instagram + Facebook right? It’s more than just pretty photos over there. Seriously! It’s way more than that😉 Click over and join me for the giveaway + all the shiny good stuff.

I hope to goodness you’re over there with me. I share happy + photo tips + my beautiful photo people + random Mom life stuff + fun reels + + + + Guess I shouldn’t have said, “only” huh? I’m just here to have a good time + spread some extra love.

That’s what I should’ve said! 😆

Let’s flip the Valentine’s narrative this year

If you don’t have a special guy/gal in your life right now – it ain’t no big thang! Love yourself, not in a selfish way, but remember that you’re valued by so many no matter if your Facebook, Snapchat, Instagram posts have you hugging a significant other or not. Buy yourself some chocolate, caramels, carrots, or some tulips.

And just for good measure…Valentine’s Day Challenge

Show 2,3,4 people they’re loved too! No matter what we show on the outside…We all want to know we’re loved. Who makes your list this Valentine’s Day?

This day is for you to love you!

If you have love now, I hope it lasts forever.

If you’re single and loving the college life…Happy Love Day to you!

Or if you’re deliriously happy in building your new career, Nice job + Happy Valentine’s Day!

Just moved into your own apartment all alone and can walk around in your t-shirt. Congrats + happy loving life in your new space day!

Be you – Love you – Celebrate! Focus on the HAPPY in Happy Valentines Day.

I’ll be over here, or at the Confectionary, All Chocolate Kitchen, or Polka Dot Bakery…buying my sweets.

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shining-moments-photography, heart, dekalb-il

P.P.S. Photo memory share of past chapters + the chapters you have yet to write! Kaitlin is still “determined” {image from 2017 photo session) to bring her passion for music to all of us. If you haven’t heard her music you’re missing out. Or Molly’s goal of being part of a news team. Definitely “ambitious”! Just a few of so many of my past seniors writing their next chapter in this long-game we call life.

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P.P.P.S Yes, I sometimes get carried away with my post-scripts too. But I just thought of one more inspirational piece to share. Ya know, in case you needed a little extra today. We’ve all been there💖

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