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Whad-da-ya mean! Yearbook Photos

I got THAT card in the mail! Whad-da-ya mean we have senior yearbook photos this week?

In all caps at the top of the postcard was,


Juniors have barely finished their finals and they’re shuffled back into school for their Senior yearbook photos. No rest for the Senior’s yet.

But, DID YOU KNOW you can schedule the Basic Package and take your yearbook photos and be done?

See, some high schools require you to take the yearbook photo with the school’s company, but you can get your senior portraits with ANYONE YOU WANT

If you want more than a snapshot to celebrate your unrepeatable year, then get your yearbook photo taken at the high school and then schedule your senior portraits – THE FUN ONES!

Senior year is a year of lasts for your high school days. So much changes after graduation. Senior year is a milestone that you’ll want to look back at 10, 20, + 30 years from now.

“Whoa Mom, that’s some big hair!”

“WOW Mom, I didn’t know your hair was so curly, did ya get-a perm?”

Two questions my kiddos have asked when they saw my senior portraits at Nonna & Papa’s house. Senior portrait sessions have changed, but we still have the memory to look back at, remember, and yeah, for my kiddos to snicker at.

But that’s part of our best memories!

Looking back at life, before adulthood, before college, marriage, kids… It’s all a piece of family history that should NEVER be left to the memory inside our heads.

Memories should be photographed + shared for years.

And before this senior year flashes by with all the other stuff that’s gonna need checked off the list, you need to make this senior year a memory everyone will look back on. {And laugh with you}

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sycamore-il, sycamore, sycamore-illinois, senior-pictures, portraits, senior-pictures, senior-season, senior-photographers, Shining-Moments-Photography, SMP

If you don’t know much about me, you can start here:: Who is Shining Moments

Here are a few other resources to see if you wanna hang out + get more information…

SMP Experience Guide

Senior Collections

I also give so many free resources to help you 25 Tips for Senior Portraits, Camera-Ready Makeup, or 6 Tips for Your Best Headshot.

If you have a question or want to reserve your date, drop me a line.

Life’s too short not to HAVE FUN – MAKE PHOTO MEMORIES – AND DANCE!

Cheers & Sparkles

💖-Andrea | Shining Moments Photography

PS – Stay beautiful – be you and dance like nobody’s watching!

PPS – Even if I’m not the right senior photographer for your moment I really – really – REALLY hope you capture this last high school memory!



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