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What Are Guys Wearing? | High School Senior Portrait

4 ideas to spotlight your style in high school senior portraits

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What’s your go-to style? Today’s Senior Spotlight shows you 4 ways to curate your high school senior pictures. When you think of senior year what are the three biggest moments that pop into your mind? This is the starting place for deciding what you want to capture in your senior story.

Next, figuring out where to go and what to wear. First, do you know what colors looks best on you?

1\senior pictures :: know your skin tone?

Seems like a strange question huh?

But it actually simplifies your shopping trip if you know which colors look best with your skin tones.

Your 3 choices are::

  • Cool {wear grays, blues, greens look best}
  • Warm {wear reds, oranges, yellows}
  • Neutral {almost any color, safe choices are reds, blues, black}

Cool tones follow those with light or fairer skin + light hair color. Warm skin tones have darker skin, hair and typically tan more easily. Think of the neutral skin tones as the ones in the middle of the cool and warm. Typically darker hair + eyes, tans easily, but skin can be fair in those long winter months {and true, we’re all in a lighter shade in January around here😄}.

2\use your first day of school wears as one of your senior pictures outfit?

School picture day is often on the first day of school to get you your ID card + the yearbook photo. You want to walk through the high school doors feeling confident and looking great for that shot, so goes to say you already have a pretty sauvé outfit in your closet to use. Or at the very least, piece it together with other tops/bottoms.

This is a good place to start when you’re putting together your wardrobe for a high school senior portrait session. I have easy resources that coordinate this for my senior sessions and makes this planning VERY EASY to shop for and assemble a senior guy wardrobe.

3\What accessories can you not live without? Yes, add them in your senior portraits

Is there a pair of sunglasses you love? A favorite watch, necklace, shoes…? In Blake’s senior pictures {smoke bomb images} he had two necklaces that he wears a lot so we pulled them out with the red sweatshirt. They fit his look, they matched the style of that change, and they had meaning in his high school story.

SMP SideNote:: You don’t see them in the images with the blue hoodie because it would have been too much with the drawstrings + neckline of his sweatshirt

Even if you don’t have personal accessories to wear in your senior pictures, adding in some texture + a prop is a good idea.

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Big prop – motorcycle | Small prop – sunglasses

You can find all sorts of small + budget-friendly accessories at H&M to add into your high school senior portrait session.

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Prop Ideas:: necklaces, guitars, sunglasses, stocking hats, bracelets, jacket layers…

4\What does your next chapter hold after high school?

This last piece brings in the end of high school. Include your cap & gown, along with your new college wears for some shots.

It’s really fun to get a glimpse of your next college chapter. Pick up or order your first college t-shirt, sweatshirt, or hat and we can have fun adding that piece into your senior pictures to complete the last piece of your high school story.

It will be your, “PEACE OUT” high school moment!

There you have it! 4 fast ideas for getting your high school senior pictures set for 2022!

You can get all details in the new SMP Senior Guy Style Guide by clicking HERE or if you’re looking for a photographer to walk you through each detail, look no further! CONTACT me today and I can direct you through the portrait packages, location options, wardrobe ideas, planning, dates…

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