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What!? Drinking Water Makes A Difference In My Portraits?

Seriously? How can drinking water make a difference in my senior pictures or headshots?

Well I’m glad you asked!

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Drinking Water For Health and Shine

I’m always learning more about my health + sharing anything I can to help my photo clients. We’re getting so close to hot, like REAL-LY HOT weather and your water cups need to be ready.

That means drinking water + prep time for outdoor senior pictures

This post focus’ inward to help our outside shine {Did I sound very Zen right then?...’one must focus inward in order to see outward’}๐Ÿ˜‚ Okay, maybe it was just a bad Mom joke.

But basic line, bottom line, the jist is we can’t do all the prep on the outside if we don’t focus a little on our inside too. Water doesn’t taste great, at all, but we can add a few things to help entertain our tastebuds.

I was on the hunt for changing up my drinking water habits

Is there a better way to “drink” my water without super gluing my bottle to my chest with a sippy straw to my lips.

What does she know about health + getting the right amount of water?

Turns out when I researched + read + took a hydration class {yep, that’s a thing}, that water consumption floats a lot of the same information. Drink your 8 glasses of water a day. Drink water before every meal to eat less. I’ve been a marathon water drinker for years and followed the 8 glasses/day a very long time. But last March I stumbled onto two pieces of information that


  • Quench Book
  • Online Hydration lessons {easiest class you’ll ever take!}

Two of the biggest take-aways::

  1. Drink+eat half your body weight in ounces each day {weigh 100lbs / eat-drink 50oz each day}
  2. Drink 8-16oz first thing in the morning {even before coffee๐Ÿ˜‘}

When we’re hydrated our skin is brighter, dark circles lighten up, and water flushes the system {think less acne}. You’re young now and a lot of things move faster now than they will when you turn 25. Yep, as early as 25 our body starts slowing and basically turning against us. And then when you’re 50 – HOLD ON! You’re forever away from that now, so no need to drone on about that now.

It’s all just to say, START NOW and make it easier on yourself later. Your skin will shine back at you for it!

How does drinking water relate to photography?

  1. Running a business is fun, but also hectic, time consuming + long hours. If I’m not healthy my business stops
  2. All the moisturizers, lotions + potions won’t help our skin if we’re dehydrated
  3. Being properly hydrated lifts my foggy brain

Downside – I’ve worn a path from my office to the potty

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๐Ÿ’– Your Hydrated Senior + Headshot Photographer

P.S. My photography focus’ on telling your story and stories I do love to tell! You can find all the blogging pieces on Style ~ Travel ~ Books at A Glimpse of Good {yes, a lot of photos too!}


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