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What is on Your Bucket List? | Senior Photographer

What’s on Your Bucket List? | Senior Photographer

Andrea-Shining-Moments-Photography, bucketlist, Spring-Break

Have you started your bucket list?

I like to think of a bucket list as less of a morbid thing (a list you make of things you want to do before you die), and more of an exciting, look-forward-to, list of things to accomplish!

I’ve had an ongoing bucket list for travel that I’ve been working on for quite some time. Nick + I like the calming beach life, Brian wants to see all the sites and keep a good pace going on trips, and Emma takes anything that involves watching a musical.

Basically we cover the board when it comes to what type of vacation to take.  We all love different climates too, so we have to come together and decide which destinations are at the top of our lists! Nick + I love the sun and the sand, so we always want to head South or near the equator. While Emma + hubby can combine for traversing overseas {see the sites + catch musical performances}.

In recent years, we have checked Jamaica and Curacao off our list. Since it’s spring break, it’s the perfect time to kick back and dream about travel (or, to pack up and head somewhere!).

Andrea-Shining-Moments-Photography, Sycamore-IL-Photographer, bucketlist

Three other places we would love to travel::

  • London/Paris: I’ve always wanted to ride the Chunnel Train between the two…Underwater – in a train – lets see what that’s like!
  • Palermo, Sicily – Italy: I’d love to see where my family started, and to visit relatives…this place holds a lot of family history for me.
  • Boston, Mass. – This has been on our list for years, but another destination always seems to win out. I want to see the historical side, including the Freedom Trail, Fenway Park, and the Boston Tea Party Ship.

Where have you always wanted to travel?

Do you have your own travel bucket list? Each week on the SMP Blog you can get new ideas for travel, capturing moments, family life with teens, and yes, a lot of pretty pictures! 😊

Cheers to a fun, safe, and HAPPY spring break!


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