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What To Do When You Want Urban Photography & Mom Wants Natural

Urban photography versus nature for your senior portraits.

It’s a household debate that happens more than flipping the quarter to see who empties the dishwasher.

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Urban photography AND natural

What can we do when you want a city vibe but don’t live in an urban area for your senior pictures?

How do you compromise when one wants the park and another an urban backdrop?

Well first, you email, text, or call me and I can take care of all those details with you, or for you, you choose 😉

{But not before I’ve had my coffee. I have limited band-width before coffee.}

After coffee I have a shiny basket full of places we can draw from to plan your final high school moment. However, if all my senior sessions are booked I have tips before you go looking.

When you want an urban look + color pop but don’t live in the city…

Urban photography ideas to help on your search::

1/ Look at the area + narrow your eyes to the details

I look for locations where I can get a lot of different looks. Abbie wanted pops of color and more urban photography, but Mom wanted a few for her walls that had trees, flowers, and grass. When I went scouting for them I had those two requests in mind.

I looked for an area, then I focused on small spots with good lighting, bright colors, but also had grass + flowers near by.

2/ Posing turns urban photography into nature

The tree shots and rose bushes + shabby chic white are all taken about a Russell Wilson football throw away from each other. Maybe a wee-bit further {our Seahawks QB has a really good arm}. The rose bushes weren’t more than toddler-height tall so creative posing + camera angle came in to get both a “pop of color” + nature.

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3/ A 30-40 minute drive can change the whole story

I offer Senior Collections where we take a short drive to St Charles, Geneva, or Batavia to get fun urban photography too.

Make a day of your senior pictures and go for a drive to walk among the bustle of people + buildings. Afterwards go out to dinner and celebrate capturing some forever memories.

If I’m the privileged one to capture your story, I’ll help you with everything! I have location ideas + wardrobe + prep checklist + camera-ready makeup tips + Pinterest boards + a changing room… {Yes, I said changing room. There’s a lot of people walking around, you need a place to change.}

If you want full urban photography, check out this post for more ideas!

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💖Your Happy Scout for your urban photography

P.S. SENIOR GUY MOM...Have a peek at THIS POST for ideas!

P.P.S If I don’t get to see your beautiful self in front of my lens, I hope these tips help + HAVE AN AMAZINGLY-AWESOME senior year!

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