What to wear for senior pictures gets asked a lot. And today I’ve got 25 IDEAS for your senior portrait questions. These are 25 quick tips. So quick, you can scroll through them while you’re waiting in line at Sephora! And if it’s along line take a look at these 3 must have for your photo-ready makeup too.

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There are a lot of options we can talk about when it comes to planning your senior portraits. This SMP list of 25 tips answers some of your questions + gives you new ideas you might want to talk more about when we start planning your senior portrait story. SOOOOO…

How do we tell your senior story + what to wear in senior pictures?

This is a big milestone chapter in your life story.


After high school, most of us do not take professional portraits again until our wedding day!

So senior guys might be cheering right now, but Mom’s everywhere are shedding a tear {and it’s not the happy tears}.

Let’s capture this moment + talk about what’s most important to you right now. That includes what you will wear for your senior portraits.

I answer, what to wear, what to bring…along with so many other questions you have for your senior pictures. Another resource I’ve created for my high school seniors is the SMP Client Welcome Guide. This video flips through my guide that I give to each senior {or Mom of senior}.

{Maybe I should have called this post, “On The Quick”, with the 25 tips + the video guide tour.}

Flip through the pages for tips.

I get asked a lot of questions, but…

What to wear for senior pictures is the most asked question.

And I definitely cover that question in both of these pieces, but the fine details of your story is very specific + detailed individually only you. No one else has your story to tell + this is the time to stop and capture this last high school chapter.

Here are a few more things to consider::

  • What are you comfortable wearing
  • What type of accessories will you add into the images
  • Patterns to avoid in your photos
  • How to wear your hair with the outfits you’ve chosen
  • When to get your hair cut / colored
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Your senior pictures should be specific to YOU + include pieces and props that tell your story. These + others are all topics we cover to make this the FUNNEST – BESTEST milestone…graduation year!

So let’s get going, by clicking on that little black button below. It’ll lead you to two options:: download the app version for your phone {that’s for the Sephora waiting line} or the laptop version.

Get started on ideas for an EPIC senior portrait story!

{Check your SPAM folder if it’s not in your inbox. It happens sometimes}

Hey, you’re still here – Excellent! Does that mean you’re curious about the SMP Collections? I have a page all ready for you with a click of that button below. It whisks you to the the senior girl or guy page to see the SMP Collection that fits you best. There is also my list of other FAQ’s I’ve received over the last 10 years, a few past images, + that magic button to reserve your session.

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💖Your High School Senior Photographer

P.S. If it’s a really long Sephora line today, check out these 4 fun ideas for your pictures.

P.P.S. I’ve got your back for the hectic college life too…Don’t forget my 10 tips to help you with your dorm shopping in this post:: 5 College Packing Tips Enjoy each last of high school! Try to focus on more fun than stress. Yes, there are a lot of checks to mark off your list in your senior year, but enjoying senior year should be at the top of the list. Enjoy it one last senior-year-day-at-a-time. Focus on what to wear for senior pictures that you’ll be having soon. I’ll can help you {+Mom} with that. And college packing list + dorm decorating ideas + savvy dorm shopping tips… Yes, when it comes to senior pictures, how to tell your senior story, relax + prepare for the college chapter, I’ve got it all and it’s FUN STUFF! 💖

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P.P.P.S Okay, this is getting a little ridiculous, but I keep thinking of other posts that can help you + give you a smile. But THIS IS the last post-post-post-script…I pinky swear!

I know how busy you are this year. And if you like tips, ideas, + funny on the quick, then have a peeksy at these quick Reels on Instagram.

That’s it! I’m done now. You must have made it to the front of the line to check-out by now right?

💖I have some makeup tips I can share too for all that new product😉🤣 But I’ll save that for the next time you stop by, or the prep before shining in front of my camera to tell your own story. Because a promise is a promise…no more post-scripts. Now, what are you planning to wear for your senior pictures?


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