What’s Coming in February? iphone photo tips

January I wrote about healthy ideas to start out the new decade, and for February I’m turning to iPhone photo tips.

It’s photography, iPhone style

When is there a time you don’t have your phone with you? So this month I’m teaching you iPhone photo tips to help you take better pictures with the camera you always have in your bag.

My phone can’t replace my full body camera + lenses, but when I don’t have it with me I’ve learned how to improve my iPhone photos. And in February, I’m teaching you a few tricks to get a better shot.

Are ya ready?

iPhone photo tip #1

Starting this Wednesday I’ll be teaching the first iPhone tip and we’re going basic. I’m starting with the basics… iphone focus + exposure.

SMP Note – Phone Gear:: I have an iphone 11 pro, but these tips work with the previous models too.

Every week I’ll have a new lesson for you and by the end of this month you’ll be taking better iPhone pictures then you were last month.

And don’t worry about checking in on the blog each week. If we’re insta-friends you will see my weekly reminder in my stories. Or if Facebook is your favorite social, then you can catch the reminder on my SMP page there.

I post to my instagram stories each week when I publish the blog and add other video tips there too + highlights.

Did you miss January Health month? Let me catch you up super quick by taking a peek at these links::

CHEERS & SPARKLES {and see you back here Wednesday}


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