What’s in your carry-on bag?

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The essential carry-on packing list for your next trip.

Washing up my Summer wears and getting ready to pack & go along with Thing 2 on his class “field trip”. Why the quotes around “field trip”?

Think back to your school trips. Did you need to pack a carry-on bag? Did you board an airplane to go to said “field trip”? I sure didn’t! IF we had field trips they included squeezing into parent’s cars and driving 15-20 minutes to tour a museum or fire station, or singing at a nursing home. Scratch that – we walked to the nursing home because it was close enough to the school.

Now, don’t curse me as some ungrateful middle school student. I’m not saying they were awful “field trips” I’m just saying my definition of said “trip” is VASTLY DIFFERENT from my son’s upcoming “trip”. And I’ve done my fair share of chaperoning to the fire station trips so you can bet I’m chaperoning this trip to get four days in the sun 😉

And yes, the teacher in me loves all the science, water life study, + gardens they’ll be studying, but WARM SUN people. They had me at WARM!

I know, you could care less about the “field trip” but a little back story never hurt before diving into the packing list right? And yes, I’ll stop putting parenthesis around “field trip” – Okay, now I’ll stop.

Packing a carry-on bag for the plane can be tricky sometimes with the constant changes in airport security. I dread when I have to make everything fit into the 9 X 14 X 22 carry-on bag.

Not gonna lie, Winter travel with all the bulky clothes, I sneak some of my clothes in Thing 2’s carry-on luggage {shhhhhh}. He’s a teen boy, as long as he’s packed his phone + charger he’s good for a few days.

TIP #1:: Make full outfits before packing. Lay out all your clothes to see which ones will mix-n-match & get multiple uses for + the least number of shoes to go with all outfits.

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TIP #2:: Roll up your clothes. You can fit more in your carry-on bag when you roll your clothes instead of folding.

TIP #3:: Accessories can change up your look. Add a scarf, jacket, necklaces, cardigan…

TIP #4:: Toiletries. They must be in 3.4oz or smaller-sized container to go in your carry-on bag. Any larger sizes and you’ll get a nice little delay by your friendly TSA. Don’t forget all things moisture! Airplanes drain the moisture out of our body, inside & out. I always try to drink extra water before I fly + pack essentials for hydrating back up. The Skyn Iceland Cool Eye Gels are my new fav for my under eyes after I fly. I linked them below with a few other must haves {just remember the size limit}.

SIDE TIP:: Summer Fridays makes a “Jet Leg” mask that is AWESOME! It’s not your typical mask either…You can lather it on for night time hydration + I also use it under my foundation when I travel 😉

TIP #5:: Solid Snacks or Food. Don’t pack any liquid type snacks. And if you bring a water bottle, fill it once you’re through security. A lot of airports have water bottle filling stations. Alleluia! No more wiggling my water bottle under the water fountain without touching the faucet {yeah, I might be a slight germophobe}

TIP #6:: Here’s the link for TSA restrictions in case you’re wondering about a specific item you’re putting in your carry-on. There is EVERYTHING on that list:: Blender – yes, Bear Spray – no. Seriously the list goes on for paaaggggessss.

TIP #7:: REMEMBER YOUR CAMERA for all the fun memories! If you have to take out a pair of jeans or shoes it’s WELL WORTH IT! 😆

Okay, time to finish the laundry + my own packing.

Cheers & Sparkle to your travels


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