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What are your dreams for the future?

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You’ve been walking your high school halls for four-years now and then


You toss your graduation hat into the air and a whole new chapter in your story is about to begin. It can be unsettling, for Grad + parents. You’re going to be okay. I’ve been there. True, it’s been awhile since my high school graduation {okay, a looong while} but I’ve started my career over THREE TIMES and each time I’ve been scared, in tears, scared, excited, scared…you get the point.  But I kept dreaming, worked my tail off, and found success {there’s also been failure mixed in there too}.

Here are a few other seniors who were once in front of my camera and maybe just as scared to start their next chapter, but they’re working hard, maybe failing at times, succeeding, but always adding to their life story. And if you’ve read this far into my post, I hope you take this to heart most of all,

We learn MORE through our failures than we do in our success. Can’t remember who coined the phrase, but they’re right!

I’ve been afraid of failing most of my life, and the times I took the leap over my fear was probably the best experiences. When you’re feeling alone or like you’re the only one going through a rough patch reach out to family or friend. Go to coffee {or donuts, tacos, smoothie…}  and talk to get a new perspective, to vent, or get advice.

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It’s been 4 years since we did Jason’s senior pictures. He’s running more to finish his degree than on the track these days, but I hear he still fits in some running + biking on the side. He’s earning his engineering degree and added a medical twist into the mix.senior-pictures, portraits, high-school-senior, be-kind, encouragement, chicago-photographer

Mary has always amazed me with her mathematical mind. At the college level you can’t use the word “easy”, but with her laid-back nature she makes it look easy 😉 I love seeing more and more girls breaking the mold. senior-pictures, portraits, high-school-senior, be-kind, encouragement, chicago-photographer

One of my most recent senior graduates, Miss Kayla, is always pushing the limits. Her CP doesn’t hold her back and she’s contacting companies to make one of her dreams a reality. She reached out to the organization, Changing the Face of Beauty and hopes to be a part of their mission of getting teens with disabilities seen more in the media. She’s told me about a few roadblocks so far, but she is pushing through them. I can’t wait to see how her story changes in the future!

senior-pictures, portraits, high-school-senior, be-kind, encouragement, chicago-photographer

It’s been awhile since I’ve got to spend time with Jodeci, but I keep tabs through her social 😉 She is all graduated and teaching our young minds to appreciate the arts – literally art.  She is a glorious artist and she sharing her creative passion with her classes kiddos, showing them how to appreciate their creative side.

senior-pictures, portraits, high-school-senior, be-kind, encouragement, Chicago-photographer

Following her creative side too, Bella picked up a camera, learned the techniques of video and building a business on her terms. Another creative soul working for her dream.

Make your dreams come true. I don’t know all the pitfalls my graduates have taken, or will take, to achieve their version of success, but never be scared to try. Try it, you just might like it! Life isn’t set in stone, you can always pivot in a different direction 😉

Cheers & Sparkles to my past – current- and future high school Grads!


And for my MOM’S…

Next week’s post will be all about helping you through senior year, so hope you’re coming back!

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