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Summer Dates? | Senior Photographer

Once last year’s senior class walks across the stage the question pops up for the next seniors in line.

What summer dates do you have available for my Senior?

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My SMP release dates always send out to my shiny, glittery, Sparkle Noters for first grabs. You can jump on that list too to get all sorts of goodies each month. And only once-a-month. I only send good-here-to-help emails.

Looking to avoid the Fall rush and have your amazingly FUN senior portrait story taken with Shining Moments Photography then jump into Sparkle Notes so you don’t miss out. OR, if you’re ready grab a Summer date click that button below so we can get to the planning fun!

You’re a busy person! There’s no time to dilly-dally on reserving that perfect date for YOUR DAY!

And if you’re interested in a Fall session date it’s a good idea to add your name + best email to my Sparkle Notes. I release my session dates there before opening up here on my blog or social media.

I offer very limited dates in the Summer because my teens are home too and I’ll take any amount of time they’ll offer my way.

Sadly they haven’t realized how cool I REALLY am to hang out with on an every-day-basis.

I KNOW! I can’t believe it either!

Okay, less about me, more about you getting the Summer or Fall senior photo date you want.

If you’re ready to BOOK TODAY, click that picture below. Yeah, that one, with me pointing the way.😆

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If you have questions about::

Shoot me an e-mail [email protected]

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💖-Andrea | Your Shiny Photographer

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