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You’re right at the start of senior year. This year will be unlike any of the others. Yes, there will be the hard classes, the friends, the fun football games but this is a year full of lasts. Now, before you go thinking I’m meaning that in a negative sense, I want you to know it’s a positive! It’s because they’re your lasts that they’ll be so meaningful. You might be thinking about how sad it is all going to be (if you’re a parent or a senior), but instead, it is a true CELEBRATION!

I’m the first to admit that I’m a pretty sensitive mama, and I get really excited about big events (and emotion!), My daughter is only a sophomore, but I will certainly be a teary mess at her graduation! Here’s just a few ways we are starting early to enjoy those precious lasts!!

Pay a Professional Photographer:: This may sound self-serving, but it truly is NOT. Even if I am not your photographer, hire a professional to capture your senior’s Last Year in the transition of a child-student into an adult-student, because it will be one of their last formal portraits until probably their wedding day. One step better, get their senior portraits AND a family portrait in this year. I promise you’ll treasure both.

Hold them close, but know when to loosen the leash:: Keep those hugs coming {hopefully they still allow it} and watch over them as they start making bigger decisions early in their senior year {college choices, when to get advisement from their counselors..} but also start to add some length to your hovering. I say this not, only for you, but especially for me! I am a Helicopter Mom a lot of the times. But I have an amazing husband who reminds me that I have to let go a little bit more and more so they can navigate their own success, and failures.

Have a straight talk:: We support our kids in anything they want to try, and living in a smaller town they have had great success. But senior year is the time to prep them for the larger world they will be competing in. Tell them of your success and FAILURE and let them know that they CAN SUCCEED when they work hard. There are many college students out there who will be competing in the same thing they want to do, but hard work will serve them well. And be real with them, they may not succeed the first or second time, but they will need to pick themselves back up. They get to be their own best supporter while they are away at college next year.

Share a BIG moment:: We go to all their events and cheer them on, but before they graduate, we share in one big family moment. Do you both love watching sports? Buy tickets to your favorite college or professional team game. Do you love music? Look up what concerts are coming your way. Broadway? See That play together. Been talking about traveling to relatives? Enjoy running? Enter a race together. Do you have a charity that you support? Get involved with it together this year. You get the picture.

Just us once a month:: We live in a fast-paced, social media whirlwind today. One day each month, for senior year gather up as a family and go silent and focus on your family being all together. Even if it’s just to turn everything off and make dinner together or play a board game. Close the outside world out, leave all the school ?or work stress at the door and just BE IN THE MOMENT.

I encourage every senior and parent to make their own LAST CALL list, like a bucket list
for senior year! It helps focus your energy on the things that matter!

Images are from our Alaskan Cruise this summer. My husband made this year a year of travel to start getting in family trips as often as possible before Emma graduates. We went on the cruise with my parents {some Nonna & Papa time too}!

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