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Once in awhile, a guy will be excited about their senior photos…yes, I said once in awhile! Usually, guys begrudgingly sign up to appease their parents, but Ben was completely on-board, which made everyone happy! This is just one of the reasons he is awesome. And, I must say, we had a really fun time (hear that, guy seniors? We had FUN!). His mom jokingly called him ?pretty boy Ben?, and the name stuck around. In all seriousness, he really was the ideal model. With his expressions and sense of humor, he had me laughing during most of our session. ?Show me those sparkling eyes, Ben?, I said, and he turned it into the ?wide-eyed Ben pose?! I love the way his photos came out, and moreso, loved his kind personality and willing spirit.


He rocked the smiles, the stare…on and on. College life will suit him well. I hope his younger brother will be as excited for his senior photos, but I do know they both love making their mom smile! I know not every senior guy wants to do a full senior session, but I truly believe you will love having these to look back on in the years to come. This time is irreplaceable, and the season in your life is never going to happen again. You might not want photos done today, but you sure will in ten or twenty years! Plus, we can make your session about the things that make you YOU… whether you?re a fashionable GQ type, a musician, a sports fanatic, or an outdoorsman.

Thank you Ben for making your Mom smile + having so much fun with your session!

And as always….. #ShineOn ?????If you?re a guy, I promise we can make your senior shoot painless and fun…just call me to schedule it today!



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