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Senior Tip | Guy Style in Senior Pictures

Here’s a senior tip for guys that might surprise ya… They do have fun in their senior pictures…yep, I said it!

And it’s true!

Maybe I should have titled this post senior guy myths instead of senior tip for guys?

Oh well, you get how I’m snapping with this post. You’re busy, so let’s scroll to these senior guy style tips in case you need more convincing. Or Mom needs ideas to convince one of the favorite guys in her life to jump in front of the camera.

Senior Guy Tip #1

We don’t just stand around in your photo shoot. We jump off things, run on the track, sit in cars, play guitar…get the ‘picture’?

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Usually, guys begrudgingly sign up to appease their Mom, but Ben was on-board with flashing his pearly whites for his senior pictures! {insert happy dance here!} This is just one of the reasons he’s awesome.

And, we had a fun time (hear that, guy seniors? We had FUN!).

His mom jokingly called him “Pretty Boy Ben” in his senior year, and the name stuck.

Senior Tip for guys #2

Your senior pictures will be FUN if you focus on the fun! {And I’m pretty fun too – so there’s that. Quirky kinda fun, but fun is fun}

Ben’s expressions + sense of humor brought out his personality, gave genuine smiles, helped to capture ‘his looks’, and had me laughing most of our 30-minute-session. “Show me those sparkling eyes, Ben”, I said, and he turned it into the wide-eyed Ben pose! {Again, bring that humor.}

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Senior Tip for Guys #3

Even if you don’t want senior pictures, It’s one of the best gifts Mom gets from senior year.

Ben rocked the smiles, the stare, the fun… It followed him all through college and into his professional life. Ben recently graduated from the U of I and is working in Chicago now. With Mom settling into the empty-nester life in another state, she has all four of her past seniors to look back on with her wall collage + album images.

For James we added in his love of baseball. He was on the field for most of his senior session. He was lining up to throw a fast ball JUST PAST me and I was praying he ultra-accurate.

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We don’t ask much, + it really doesn’t take much time to give us Mama’s some memories of this only-happens-once-milestone that we have forever. It could be as short as 30-minutes depending on the Senior Guy Collection.

I know not every senior guy wants to do a full senior session, but I truly believe you’ll love having these to look back on when you go home for the holidays. This time is irreplaceable, and the season in your life is never going to happen again.

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Super Serious Senior Ben

Senior Guy Tip #4

We make your session about the things that make you… YOU! Whether you’re a fashionable GQ type, a musician, a sports fanatic, or an outdoorsman.

Pick a full senior story session outdoors in the park or city.

Schedule a short senior guy session in-studio or your backyard

Let’s get images of you + the sport you’re heading to college for

Thank you Ben for making your Mom smile + having so much fun capturing your high school senior story!

And now it’s YOUR TURN!

Guys, we can make your senior photo shoot painless + fun! And capture your story for your history books.

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💖 High School Senior Photography

P.S. And if it’s not your senior year yet, but you’d like to keep SMP on the side of your plate for later, sign up for the SMP Newsletter that come out once-a-month with guides + freemiums to give you photo shoot ideas, seasonal wardrobe tips, and college prep tips.

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P.P.S. It really can be fun to capture your senior pictures with SMP. Seriously! It will be FUN

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