Why Would You Pass This Up?

Why would you miss the chance to tell your last story of high school?

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This is YOU – Your BEST YOU right now, so why would you pass up the chance to capture that final piece?

So much changes after high school. Ask any graduate for one thing that changed after senior year and you’ll get various answers. That’s a good thing; it’s pretty exciting {yeah, a little nerve-racking too} knowing that starting your next chapter will be an all-new + different experience.

These last months of senior year look different for each senior, so why not make your senior portraits look your way?

I know, so many seniors are ready for graduation day a week after senior year starts. But in case no one has said this to you yet…

There’s still so much playing left to do this year.

And you guessed it…

Senior pictures are one of those BIG MOMENTS you shouldn’t give up or take a pass on.

I don’t say that to boost my senior photography sessions. Seriously, I don’t. I know I’m not the senior photographer for everyone, but I still



and BEG you to take a day – an entire day – to capture your best self as it is right now!

Senior pictures is typically the last time until your wedding day that you’ll take professional portraits.

Seriously, you think you’re too busy this year to plan for a day of fun? Take the day for a mother-daughter lunch, get your nails, hair, makeup done, go for coffee or ice cream, walk along the Fox River… All of it and everything, fit in the FUN, the little moments, the mini trips, and whatever else is on your Bucket List before life after high school starts. I’ve got a senior in the house this year too and we’re making sure we hit each line on the bucket list before she leaves for college next fall.

In these final weeks of summer take the time to think about how you want to tell your high school story.

Think about your favorite colors, hobbies, sports, music, favorite lunch spot, clothes, coffee shop…everything that’s you – right now – senior year!

Once you have those ideas flowing, then it’s time to contact your senior photographer and refine those pieces of your story into your senior session for a FUN + MEMORABLE DAY OF YOU!

I offer so many resources to help my seniors + moms once we reserve your session {wardrobe, locations, senior magazine of FAQ, makeup guide, easy prep checklist leading up to the session…}

However, in case we don’t get to meet, I’ll leave you with tips to coordinate your wardrobe ideas::

  • YOUR STYLE – Do you like jeans over pants? Dresses over shorts? Pick 2-3 colors that look best on you and then go to your closet and pick your favorite piece and start playing off that piece to build your first outfit.
  • ACCESSORIES – You may not wear jewelry on the regular, but adding pieces to your wardrobe adds dimension + distracts you from getting ‘mesmerized by the lens’ {think outside the box here with hats, scarf, watch, pins, sunglasses, statement pieces…}
  • SHOPPING – Take that favorite piece or pieces you picked from your closet and take it shopping with you. If buying all new outfits for your senior photos isn’t in the budget, then just add a few things to what you already love in your closet. If you missed my shopping series, you can go back & see how easy it is to build your outfits – SHOP LOCAL | FOREVER 21 | TARGET STOP
  • FOLLOW – I’m sure you already do, but if not, start following you favorite clothing + makeup shops for inspiration leading up to your senior pictures. You also catch when they have their back-to-school sales, which stretches your wallet. I give inspiration, BTS, + senior ideas on my Instagram too.

💖CHEERS To Your Senior Year!

P.S. here’s a visual example of what to start thinking about in your senior story…

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This is Anna…

Anna loves all things summer with colorful flowers, tan skin, dresses in white, and beach wave hair. I had the outline and started curating her story from there…

There were no brick building backdrops, but lots of barefoot dancing in the grass.

No coffee shops or book stores in the scene, but I scouted out all locations natural + colorful.

There was a lot of white in her wardrobe to set off her summer tan {+ the cutest white Urban Outfitters summer dress}. The splurge dress she wanted for her birthday 😉

More smiling than serious expressions.

You get the idea…And the story went on as we played through each outfit, at each location, dancing to her country playlist, to celebrate Anna’s senior year!

senior-photographers, senior-portraits
senior-photography, senior-photos
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