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Women’s Winter Fashion Splurge vs Savvy

I’m unpacking women’s winter fashion this week, and doing it a little different. Make your Winter style your very own this Winter. You can do it easily within your budget or even adding in a splurge or two to complete your wardrobe.

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Women’s Winter Fashion

This winter season I thought I’d give you both sides of the shopping aisle with a SPLURGE purchase + channeling our inner SAVVY shopping side. This week I have coats, boots, and leggings for winter.

Women’s Winter Fashion Shopping List

Let’s go!

1/ Women’s Winter Coats

Any of these coats give a great winter fashion look in your first snowfall photos this Winter.

2/ Winter + Anytime Boots

  • Ugg bow style vs Bearpaw with color + texture. Both are warm, both have style

Another boot style for your Winter fashion {Fall too} are Doc Martens. A brand that returns to vogue. The styles + colors have expanded over the decades, but you can’t go wrong with basic black. Always in style, comfortable + well-made. Emma wears her Doc Martens a lot and they still look new. If you want to test the combat boot style at a lower price point, Target has cute options at $39.

3/ Leggings {in every season}

Yes, they are even wearing Docs with leggings. This year in my women’s winter fashion I added extra warmth to the legging finds with soft FLEECE!

  • Off the top I think of lululemon{$98} or Athleta{$98} first. I have lulu + Athleta leggings and they’re comfy and look great for indoor AND outdoor wear.

The FLEECE-LINED Elietian leggings that I found on a girls trip in Galena are perfect too. usually found in smaller boutiques.

Mother Nature can bring on Winter now.

  • Elietian has soft, warm, comfy fleece leggings {+ non-fleece too}. I found out SIS, a local shop in Sycamore now carries the same brand. The price point is between $29-39
  • Aerie’s line of OFFLINE leggings + sweatshirts are SUPER SOFT and when they’re on sale you can get them at a SAVVY PRICE too!

Complete your winter look with a Carhartt hat + scarf from SIS and you’re ready to take a walk in the cold. Or better yet, show off your new styles in photos!

Love to see your style on these. DM on Instagram or tag me {@shiningmomentsphotography}

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