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Women’s Winter Fashion Splurge vs Savvy

I’m unpacking women’s winter fashion this week, and doing it a little different this year. Doing things different seems to be the theme for 2020 doesn’t it?

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Women’s Winter Fashion

This winter season I thought I’d give you both sides of the shopping aisle with a SPLURGE purchase + channeling our inner SAVVY shopping side. This week I have coats, boots, and leggings for winter.

Women’s Winter Fashion Shopping List

Let’s go!

1/ Women’s Winter Coats

All coats give you a great winter fashion look in your first snowfall photos.

2/ Winter + Anytime Boots

  • Ugg bow style vs Bearpaw with color flair. Both give you the sherpa feel.

Another boot style for your Winter fashion {Fall too} are Doc Martens. A brand that returns to vogue. The styles + colors have expanded over the decades, but you can’t go wrong with basic black. Always in style, comfortable + well-made. Emma wears her Doc Martens a lot and they still look new. If you want to test the combat boot style at a lower price point, Target has cute options at $39.

3/ Leggings {in every season}

Yes, they are even wearing Docs with leggings. This year in my women’s winter fashion I added extra warmth to the legging finds with soft FLEECE!

  • Off the top I think of lululemon{$98} or Athleta{$98} first. I have lulu + Athleta leggings and they’re comfortable. But that price-point adds up fast.

When I found FLEECE-LINED Elietian leggings on a girls trip in Galena…my search was over.

Mother Nature can bring on Winter now.

  • Elietian has soft, warm, comfy fleece leggings {+ non-fleece too}. I found out SIS, a local shop in Sycamore now carries the same brand. The price point is between $29-39
  • Aerie’s line of OFFLINE leggings + sweatshirts are SUPER SOFT and when they’re on sale you can get them at a SAVVY PRICE too!

Complete your winter look with a hat + scarf and you’re ready to take a walk in the cold. Or better yet, show off your new styles in photos!

Love to hear your thoughts or ideas on these. DM on Instagram or tag me in your Story and let me know what other ideas you want for a splurge or savvy buy. This might be added as a monthly post instead of seasonal😉

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