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Worth every word when you speak in kindness.

Speak with kindness + take some time to see some beauty.

True genuine laugh with signature crinkle-nose smile that her Mom loves. Having her career path outlined is something to smile about too!

Speak kindness. Take time to see + say how each person you spend time with has beauty. We’re all beautiful in our own way, but when was the last time you told someone out-loud?

Social media has played a big part in the tear-down of others and as a Mama of two I’m pretty sad about it. I recently watched “The Social Dilemma” on Netflix. There were some things in it that really hit the 2020 mark. {I know, as if we needed more slaps in 2020.}

Bottom-line:: Disconnect + see how it’s affecting all of us. And it’s not just the teens.

Getting away from our phones + back to reality reminds us there are fun experiences waiting for us.

I believe in SO MUCH that I built my business around more than “taking a picture”.

I want to give each high school senior a day that’s FUN + the spotlight for themselves!

senior-pictures, fall-color, leaves
Her smile lights up a space {+ warmed up our really chilly day}. Someday I’ll be seeing that smile alongside her brilliant writing.
  • You deserve a fun shoot to tell your story through images!
  • You deserve a moment to hear all about YOUR BEAUTIFUL QUALITIES!
  • I want each senior to pick a favorite of their high school time to document forever!
  • I want to share your smile, stare, serious face, dance, cheer, sport with everyone!

Senior year marks the last time ‘to be a child’ at home with us. I’m only with most Seniors for a short time. But as an outsider in that time, I see a lot.

A Mom shared this with me a few years back at her daughter’s senior session. It’s the perfect example that we don’t share compliments enough with people::

We drove to the second location and while her daughter was changing into her next outfit, Mom came and shared what her daughter had asked her in the car.

“Do you think Andrea meant all those things she said at the last location, or does she say that to all the seniors?”

{insert silent gassssppppp}

I was grateful to Mom for sharing her words. But it was a bit of a stomach-punch. Have other clients thought that, but just not said anything?

I’m raising a daughter too, and being a teenage girl in this social media age is tough. I want my Emma to focus on her assets and strengths. I want her to know that no one is perfect, but there is something beautiful in every person.

senior-photographer-sycamore-IL, senior-pictures, senior-photographers-near-me, worth-every-word
The stare, the hair + her spunky personality! I bet her patients look forward to her confidence every time they meet her too.

Do we all look at ourselves in the mirror and see the external features?


But it’s the criticism that we speak to ourselves + what others say that can really damage us.

Make the effort to see + say the beautiful!

I take that same message to my clients…who doesn’t like to hear compliments? When I coach or direct a senior for a pose, it’s to focus on their strengths.

And what I see may be different than what someone else will see…but that’s pretty cool!

In my time with a senior, I may notice the long-thick eye lashes with the sprawling blue eyes, but mom behind me see’s the dimple in her cheek that only appears with a genuine smile or laugh.

senior-pictures, senior-portraits, senior-photographer-Sycamore-Illinois, highschool-senior-photography
Long lashes, her signature dimple + her ease to be herself in front of the lens

My point….there’s something beautiful in all of us and I say it out loud. I hope I don’t sound fake, I hope you don’t think, “She says that to all the girls.”

I truly mean every word. You are worth every word and more!

I’ve had the privilege to photograph so many seniors and each one brings something bright ~ beautiful ~ fun to their session! If I only get one day to see the beauty think of how much you can see when you get to spend years with a teen!

Share kindness…

It’s worth the time to share the uniqueness that each one of us has…Because WE ARE worth every word!

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Quiet confidence in every step, stare, + graceful dance move.

Tell someone how they sparkle…Tell the gal sitting next to you how smart, creative, cute her eyes, style, boots, hair…is today.

Notice someone is missing their smile, take a minute to ask why. Be that someone who is kind enough to see us.

{Need to see some extra SMILES? I’ve got extra for you this week over on my Facebook Page.}

If I’ve had a session with you or will soon ~ please know that what I say comes from the heart.

I mean it!

We’ve all got sparkle, so shine it & shine it bright!

Cheers & Sparkles to your week!

💖Andrea | Shining Moments Photographer

senior-photography, st-charles-il, speak-kindness, worth-every-word
She brought a pop of color in her relaxed smile, beautiful long hair + fun fashion. Worth Every Word

P.S. Yes, senior guys have awesome qualities too in their smiles, smirks, and respect they show their Mom’s when asked to get senior pictures 😉

Handsome + class acts!


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