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You Have 3 Seconds! | Headshot Photography

Love it or hate it, our fast-paced digital world is here and flying by at warp speed. Professional headshot photography is crucial when we’re updating all of our profiles.

Headshot Photography is a must to opening doors online.

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What does your headshot say about you?

  • Are you Approachable?
  • Do you show confidence?
  • Are you looking to present a more lively, energetic look?
  • Is this for serious business ventures?

You have two to three seconds to make an impression with your dream client or future employer before they scroll to the next person.


Most people attach an image taken with your latest iPhone and call it good enough. But today you need more than one quick snapshot.

It’s competitive out there!

Are you gaining every advantage by putting your best professional-face-forward? You can bet your competition is getting their headshot + story images organized. You need 20-30 images of you + your business to rotate.

20-30 images to keep telling your story

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When you’re marketing to your dream client and asking them to trust YOU over thousand’s of others, give them assurance that you are the BEST person for the project, job, account.

It all starts with your first visual impression. We’re marketing in a virtual world, and that first step is seeing WHO YOU ARE in your profile image, website or business mailings.

When they look at your headshot, what does it say?

You have limited ‘real estate’ in our headshot photography. You have to maximize every inch {eyes, eyebrows, smile/no smile, neckline, hair…}.

There is an art and psychology in creating headshot portfolios that get noticed.

When you’re looking for a new position, starting your own business, or expanding your business, don’t take the shortcut of snapping a quick iPhone selfie.

YOU are worth more, and isn’t that what you want to portray to your future clients? You’re worth their time and money!

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“Andrea is easy going and creative, most importantly, she genuinely strives to capture that shining moment on camera…I would hire Andrea again to do some outside shots, she has a great eye.” -Cara J.

For more details on starting your successful branding portfolio, look at Shining Moments Photography Headshot Collections.

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Cheers to your professional adventures!

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Professional Headshot Photography

P.S. If you’re looking for more resources regarding your professional headshots, here are other headshot resources::

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You’ve got three seconds!

Don’t waste them!

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